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Full Name: Myroslava
Resume Condition: Active
Gender: Female
Marriage status: Single
Nationality: Others;
Highest Education Level: Master's Degree
Email: ******@**.net
Telephone: +380680****13
TESOL/TEFL certificate:
Native language: Russian;
State of health:
Passport No:
Valid until: 2013-07-11 19:02:45
Date of birth: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Place of birth: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Religion: Christianity
Education: Master's Degree
Salary Expected:
(Average salary in China is RMB6000)
Why come to china: Teacher;
Education experience: December&nbsp;2008&nbsp;–&nbsp;2012&nbsp;a&nbsp;freelance&nbsp;(teacher&nbsp;of&nbsp;English),&nbsp;Kharkiv<br>May&nbsp;2012&nbsp;–&nbsp;June&nbsp;2012&nbsp;a&nbsp;volunteer&nbsp;of&nbsp;the&nbsp;UEFA&nbsp;Organization&nbsp;in&nbsp;Kharkiv&nbsp;for&nbsp;EURO&nbsp;2012<br>May&nbsp;2012&nbsp;–&nbsp;May&nbsp;2012&nbsp;a&nbsp;volunteer&nbsp;at&nbsp;the&nbsp;“Battle&nbsp;of&nbsp;Nations&nbsp;2012”&nbsp;in&nbsp;Poland<br>September&nbsp;2012&nbsp;–&nbsp;present&nbsp;a&nbsp;lab-assistant,&nbsp;Kharkiv,&nbsp;Academy&nbsp;of&nbsp;the&nbsp;Interior&nbsp;Troops,&nbsp;Ministry&nbsp;of&nbsp;Internal&nbsp;Affairs<br>February&nbsp;2012&nbsp;–&nbsp;present&nbsp;a&nbsp;teacher&nbsp;of&nbsp;English,&nbsp;Kharkiv,&nbsp;Academy&nbsp;of&nbsp;the&nbsp;Interior&nbsp;Troops,&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Ministry&nbsp;of&nbsp;Internal&nbsp;Affairs<br>
Work experience description in
colleges, universities or companies
December 2008 – 2012 a freelance (teacher of English), Kharkiv
May 2012 – June 2012 a volunteer of the UEFA Organization in Kharkiv for EURO 2012
May 2012 – May 2012 a volunteer at the “Battle of Nations 2012” in Poland
September 2012 – present a lab-assistant, Kharkiv, Academy of the Interior Troops, Ministry of Internal Affairs
February 2012 – present a teacher of English, Kharkiv, Academy of the Interior Troops, Ministry of Internal Affairs
Working experience in China No
I wish to teach: Oral English;English;Writing
I want to teach in: Beijing;Shanghai;Ningxia;Shanxi;Shaanxi;Tibet;Hong Kong;Taiwan
I wish to teach English at:
I am thinking about teaching/working in China for:
Available Date for China:
Fluently speak English, Russian and Ukrainian, limited knowledge of German language. I am responsible and flexible person.
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