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Craving a Document Camera for Young Critics

"I teach four groups of 8th graders in a mixed-ability English class. Our school serves high-poverty, high-needs urban students who need all the support they can get.

With shortages caused by current budget crises, my ability to make copies is limited. Plus, the transparency projector is outdated - the sheets melt in copy machines, it can only display in black and white, and it can,t project 3-d objects. A document camera would revolutionize how we display things our classroom. Not only can a draft go straight from a student,s desk to the big screen, but it can do so in color. Illustrations from books, crusty photographs, delicate student-created book mobiles - all can be projected in living color with the touch of a button. My students will be able to present class projects as soon as they complete them, and hasty trips to the copy room will be eliminated. Our classroom will be able to focus on what it is that drives our learning: our work! Make learning come alive in our classroom by supporting our quest for this valuable and versatile educational tool.