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Chair Pockets For Less Stress!

"We are a classroom of 24 kindergarten students. We are located in a lower income high needs building. Our school district has made budget cuts, and the funds do not exist to make this purchase. Our building PTO is virtually nonexistent. I have exhausted every resource I can think of, to obtain funding for the chair pockets we need.

We need chair pockets to help the 5 year olds organize and maintain their workbooks. Our storage situation is less than ideal. The students share tables instead of desks like the upper grades. Consequently without a desk their is no storage on the table top. The students are overwhelmed and tears erupt when someone gets "the wrong" book. Another challenge presents itself when we have to find the correct page number for today#s lesson.

It is very difficult for a 5 year old to find their workbook in a stack of books, and make it back to their seats in a timely manner. They struggle to find their book, and then open them to the correct page. With chair pockets, we can fold the books open and be ready for the next lesson. We have 5 workbooks to manage per student. Putting those 5 books in each students "own Space" will be a big stress reducer for my kindergarten students.

Your help will take some of the stress out of our day, and reduce the tears!! We desperately need the chair pockets for each student to manage their materials. It is so difficult for a 5 year old to find their book in a stack of 24, and then find the correct page to work on. Having chair pockets will allow each child to manage their materials and supplies, without having to get out of their seats. They will be able to find the correct page much easier, because they can fold their own book open so they are already on today#s page. We can#t do that when we have to stack them and store them across the room. Kindergarten is tough enough already. Chair pockets will be a big help to us.