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Changzhou Wujin Huangli High School

 Changzhou Wujin Huangli High School, the construction of which was started from June 6th1998was finished in the August 2000. Her forerunner, Changzhou Wujin Huangli High Schoolfounded in the August of 1942was originally named Bowen Junior Middle School.

At presentthe school occupies 180muwith school building of 35,362 square meters. It was exactly built according to the designing standard of a key middle school of Jiangsu Province. As it is well-arranged, the environment is fine, with one third of the school area covered with green grass and beautiful flowers all the year roundit is considered a good place to study in.
The school possesses a team of excellent teachers with hearty devotion and rich teaching experience Among them over 95graduated from universities of all over the country25 have got high quality job titleand 28 middle-ranked Job title And they make up 50.5of the total number of the teachers. Now 18 enjoy the honor of “excellent teacher”, more than 10 have been awarded as model teaches or model head teachers respectively by the cityprovince or even the nation. A number of young teachers are budding in teaching and educatingand becoming the backbone of the growing teaching power.
The school follows the education policy, putting emphasis on student’s all—round development The school has always stuck to humanistic education and to the development of both teachers and students, hoping to create favorable conditions for them to cultivate capable personnel for the society. And with the development of both the teachers and students, the school could accelerate the development of itself. “To develop capable men being able to advance for the world” is what we have been pursuing. We will try our best to construct a strong flavor of school culture to make it become a spiritual home where teachers and students develop in harmony.
After the unremitting efforts of teachers and studentswe have formed the school discipline “to be united, civilized, practical-minded, and to forge ahead courageously”, the teaching atmosphere “to love, to be dedicated, to seek the truth and to be innovative”, and the studying atmosphere “to be determined, studious, steady and to urge for improvement”. It has got a high reputation due to its high education quality. Every year it is the NO.1 of all the countryside middle schools of Liyang. In 1999it was confirmed as “A Model School for Implementing Quality Education” by the Commission of Jiangsu Education. In 2000, it was accepted as “the Experimental School for Educational Hardware” and “A key Senior Middle School of Changzhou City”. ln 2001, it was entitled “An Advanced Unit in Moral Education” and admitted as “A Key Senior Middle School” by the educational department of the province. In 2002, it was nominated “A Green School of the Province” and “the 14th Advanced Unit of Science and Technology Education”
Nowall the teachers and students are forging ahead courageously to be the model school in our province and country demonstration senior middle school.
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Education■TESOL/TEFL certification in middle school ■unspecific
Working Experience■unspecific
Kind of Teacher■teacher
Nationality■USA ■UK ■Canada ■Australian
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moses sati Others
Bernard Kealey Canada
Theodore Guggenheim U.S.A
Willem Groenewald Africa Africa;U.K;
Eric Greta Canada

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