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Zhejiang Changxing Experimental Junior School

Changxing Experimental Junior School is a full—time junior school run by private citizens. It was built from 2003 and was officially put into use in the autumn of 2004 with the approval of Changxing people#s committee and Changxing People#s Government. The school, located in the economic and cultural centre in Changxing North Longshan Newly developing Area, has a total area of 302 mu. The amount of investment is more than RMB 170 million. With the ideology of high starting point  program and high stanard construction, the layout of the landscape in the whole school fully embodies the designing ideas of the amalgamation of modern aesthetic sense and classical aesthetic sense,has characteristics of mountainswaters and garden city and fully reflects the local conditions and customs of the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The school which is fresh green and possesses all kinds of modern educational and teaching equipment provides ideal studying and living environment for the healthy growth of students.

The school plans to run 60 classes and enroll 3000 students. At present there are 65 classes and 3200 students in the school. In Changxing the school advertised for several teachers with moral integrity, good quality, great ability and high cultural level, who are composed of new teaching stars, teaching experts, and foregoers of disciplines and so on. Now there are 218 teaching and administrative staff, including one of the first famous principals in the city of Huzhou, one of the second famous principals in the county of Changxing, 13 of the first great masters in the county of Changing, 14 of the second great masters in the county of Changxing, 10 of the third teaching experts in the county of Changxing and more than 10 new teaching stars in the city of Huzhou and the county of Changxing. At the same time the school recommended many outstanding graduates from Central China Normal University, Northeast China Normal University, and Eastern China Normal University and so on. The high-quality teachers take on the new teachers and they are complementary in superiority, which constitutes the best structure of teachers. The school is fully conscious of the importance of oral English in modern society, so it engages long-term teachers as spoken English teachers, which will make the students much better than any others in the future competition.

The school, which stands in the new-century starting line and imbibes advanced thoughts for running a school with broad mind and bearing , demonstrates preliminarily our social image ------ new train of thought, flexible mechanism, fast development , high quality and good results. In the light of thoughts for running a school, the school insists on all for the development of students and puts in the first place the all-round improvement of students# quality from start to end. In terms of teaching method, the school suits its instruction to the student’s level, makes the best of the situation and taps student#s specialty in order to form its own characteristics.

The school has scored great successes through teachers# hard work. Since being started, with advanced teaching concept for running a school and first-rate teaching quality, the school ,which has won nearly 100 titles of the honors in the county of Changxing, the city of Huzhou and the province of Zhejiang , such as NBFLTRC#s Experimental School, Zhejiang City Demonstration Junior School, Huzhou Civilized Unit, Advanced Experimental School of Basic Curriculum Reform of Changxing and so on, has made unremitting efforts for the education in Changxing to be the first to emerge in Hang Ning Hu area and made a due contribution to economic take-off and social overall development in Changxing.

Employment Package
Requirements on Foreign teacher/expert
Major:■linguistics/literature ■other
Working Experience:■unspecific
Kind of Teacher:■teacher
Nationality:■USA■ Ireland ■ Canada ■Australia
Contract Terms
Is the school SAFEA authorized to employ:■yes
The time the employment contract be offered:■after the arrived
Contract time:■one term or one academic year (from the present to June 30th, 2010)  
Can the teacher remain on school premises during holiday period if one year contract:■yes
Starting time:■As soon as possible
Working place:■on campus
Workload:■24 class hours per week (45minutes per class hour)
The time to get salary: ■the fifteenth on the following month
Courses:■Oral English mainly
Monthly salary:■Monthly RMB 5000-6000 yuan based on qualification and teaching experience
What time to reimburse the air ticket:■RMB5000 for one academic year on the completion of the contract
Monthly Tel allowance (RMB):■none
Will the school organize a friendly Bank Account:■yes
Member List
moses sati Others
Bernard Kealey Canada
Theodore Guggenheim U.S.A
Willem Groenewald Africa Africa;U.K;
Eric Greta Canada

Employment Information
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