Employment Information
Zhejiang Hangzhou Tianmu Foreign Language School

Hangzhou Tianmu Foreign Language School is founded in 1996. It is the only full-time and boarding private school in Lin’an, Zhejiang. Ever since the establishment of our school, we have been emphasizing the importance of strengthening scientific research in education with persistent efforts to increasingly upgrade the educational quality in our school.

After our consistent study and research, we managed to establish our cultivation mood for the talented named “Three Cai Mood”, which is Cheng Cai (talented students), Te Cai (students especially outstanding in certain aspects) and Ying Cai (students outstanding in an all around way). “Cheng Cai” is to educate all students to be qualified graduates of high school; “Te Cai” is to focus on very few students of unique aptitudes, make them students with special ability outstanding in certain aspects; “Ying Cai” is to focus on the few number of students advanced both in study and morality, make them more outstanding as talented students. The reorganization and reform covering conception of school running, curriculum plan, educational management and all aspects concerned, is carried out with a target to discover the students’ potentials, and make a talented person out of every student. Based on the completion of courses regulated by the Curriculum Standard, an emphasized effort has been place on the education of foreign language and computer to construct the “energetic classroom”. We’ve now initially formed the standard curriculum system covering courses of compulsory, option and activities, while labor skill, social practice and other courses concerned have been listed in the educational program.

Employment Package
Requirements on Foreign teacher/expert
Education■college ■bachelor ■unspecific
Major ■other
Working Experience■unspecific
Kind of Teacher■teacher
Nationality■USA ■UK ■Canada ■Australian ■Others
Contract Terms
The time the employment contract be offered■after the arrived
Contract time■one term or one academic year (from Jan.4, 2010 to June 30., 2010)
Can the teacher remain on school premises during holiday period if one year contract■yes
Starting timeJan, 2010
Working place■on campus
Workload■18 class hours per week (45minutes per class hour)
The time to get salary: ■the fifteenth on the following month
Courses■spoken English ■conversation
Monthly salary■Monthly Rmb 4500-5000-5500 yuan based on degree and teaching experience
Airfare■one way for half a year contract (up to Rmb2000 yuan maximum) ■round trip for one year contract (up to Rmb 5000 yuan maximum)
What time to reimburse the air ticket■on the completion of the contract
Monthly Tel allowance (RMB):■none
Will the school organize a friendly Bank Account ■ yes
Boarding place■on campus
Transport■bike ■school bus/bus
Is the accommodationFAO Approvedfor
Member List
moses sati Others
Bernard Kealey Canada
Theodore Guggenheim U.S.A
Willem Groenewald Africa Africa;U.K;
Eric Greta Canada

Employment Information
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