Employment Information
Zhejiang Tiantai Experimental Primary School

Tiantai Experimental Primary School is located at the center of Tiantai town, a key national tourist resort. It is honored as one of the first experimental primary schools in Zhejiang province. Its predecessor is Eastern City primary school. It covers 17300 squares meters. It has 58 classes and 12 affiliated kindergartens. It has a student population of over 3900 and 200 teachers, including 11 senior teachers, 95% have got associate degrees.

We follow the principles of “strength our school by science and technology”, “quality-oriented”, “establishing our uniqueness”; we aim to foster teacher with educational zeal, students with individualized specialties and build a school keep with the pace of the times. We emphasize the moral standards, obey the laws; we are human-oriented and pursue harmonious development. We are also active in promoting education reform and innovation.

Our school fully implemented the educational principles of the central government and aims at cultivate talents with specialties. By moral ecological park, we are practicing the quality-oriented education. We are also keen on promoting sports among the students. Every year, we hold art festival, physical festival, technological reading festival, etc. we also have many hobby groups such as singing, instrument, dancing, writing and drawing. We have sports teams of volleyball, basketball, football, field and track and ping pang who have won many first prizes in various contests.
Practice activities on computer training, balls playing, handicrafts and little inventions are provided frequently. Some famous newspapers and magazines for children such as childhood and world newspaper for primary students have their bases in our school. Now english teaching has become a uniqueness of our school, and we are honored as National Foreign Language Experimental School, which is good opportunity to improve the level of our education.
In order to enhance the international cooperation, we establish friendly relationships with many foreign schools from Japan and South Korea. We visit each other each year, go into their families, classes to feel their exotic culture and knowledge. Our commitment to the all round development of both teachers and students will not change at any time, and we will insistently preserve our pursuit for the harmonious development of the school and the faculties, for fostering good generations for future so as to reach the essence of education.
Employment Package
Requirements on Foreign teacher
Education■ Bachelor
Major■ Other
Working Experience■one year
Kind of Teacher■Teacher
Nationality■USA ■UK ■Canada ■Australian ■New Zealand
Vacancy■1 one
Contract Terms
Is the school SAFEA authorized to employ■ yes
The time the employment contract be offered ■after the arrived
Contract time:■half a year (from March 1st,2010 to June 30th, 2010 ),
Can the teacher remain on school premises during holiday period if one year contract:■yes
Starting time:■as soon as possible 
Working place:■on campus
Workload:■15 class hours per week (40minutes per class hour)
The time to get salary: ■the fifteenth on the following month
Courses:■spoken English
Monthly salary:■Monthly Rmb 4500-4800-5000-5300-5500yuan based on qualification, degree and teaching experience
Airfare:■one way for half a year contract (up to Rmb2500 yuan maximum)
What time to reimburse the air ticket:■on the completion of the contract
Monthly Tel allowance (RMB):■none
Meals:■cooling utensils provided(free meal during the working time and be responsible for yourself during the festival in China)
Will the school organize a friendly Bank Account ■ yes
Boarding place■on campus
Transport■ walk
Is the accommodationFAO Approvedfor foreigners■yes
Member List
moses sati Others
Bernard Kealey Canada
Theodore Guggenheim U.S.A
Willem Groenewald Africa Africa;U.K;
Eric Greta Canada

Employment Information
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