Darling go on a journey

1, prevent carsick
If the child goes up,the car cries with respect to be agitated after 10 minutes, expression of the quarter after getting off turns namely for unruffled, be about to consider the child carsick. The complexion after carsick child gets on a car normally is cadaverous, if just had eaten a grandma to be able to spit a grandma, substance of precipitation appearance lump is contained in puke. When discovering the child is carsick, should cycle as far as possible go on a journey, if can go on foot, better of course.  
2, prevent pollen allergy
The child and blooming flower “ face rely on the setting of facial ” to often make young mum be intoxicated, letting the child experience language of beautiful sweet bird also is one of illuminative education of life. But, to the cheeper of those allergic constitutions, flowing to take a picture repeatedly between the flower just is their most painful hour. Pollen touchs them delicate facial ministry skin and after entering respiratory tract, make their sneeze, breath hurried. If you observe carefully, tide of the complexion when the cheeper go on a journey that can see pollen is allergic returns is red, facial ministry stands by auditive place to have an allergic rash bead. Such cheeper is unwell travel at going to flowers park, arboretum and the thematic park of the load one#s writing with fancy phrases that use a flower, can consider to look after children go to silvan park or amusement park amuse oneself.  
3, the root of fangfeng is cold
See the weather that is like wind He Rili, constant regular meeting is accompanying the 3 wind to 4 class at the back of gorgeous sunshine. Do not feel what to have to this adult unwell, and to cheeper, wind often tore apart them to be able to #t bear the immune line of defence of biff, make they catch cold. The experience of a paediatrics director is: “ after the holiday of an appropriate go on a journey goes, paediatrics outpatient service explodes definitely full, among them 67 becoming the child catch cold when go out. ”


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