Hot spring is formed and classify

The formation of hot spring

Of hot spring water forming is lithosphere of atmosphere precipitation infiltration in fault, heat up the course after magma is contacted a few years with underground evolve, permeate, final move is formed to the earth,s surface. As a result of each district magma different, the organic component that hot spring water contains also differs, if have: Soda spring, sulfureous spring, siliceous spring. Younger brother garden contain is worn one of 4 big radon springs of world hot spring strange water, recuperate value is extremely high, the expert says for " super and compound model hot spring " .
The sort of hot spring

The place environment of according to hot spring will distinguish hot spring, can be hot spring classify volcano hot spring and blame volcano hot spring.

Volcano hot spring Fall when rainwater upper, permeate a lithosphere downward in, after sufferring effect of high fever, pressure, abide cranny rises when gushing the earth,s surface, temperature still temperature of prep above human body, form alleged hot spring namely. Its gushing configuration is very much, have silent and breathed slowly gushing, also have rumble gigantic in season and go out, still having a few is hot water and move slop, natural gas flushs together.

Be not volcano hot spring Be not volcanic form hot spring to include hot spring of plutonic rock hot spring, degenerative cliff hot spring, deposit cliff. Explore through physics namely, geological analysis, push the aquifer deepness that cipher out produces because of the heat of the earth,s interior, undertake drilling in the area of the heat of the earth,s interior that hot spring develops possibility thereby, rupture from depth belt hit hot spring water.



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