Wash hot spring note

After just taking food or Bacchic when because shed the blood of classics stomach ministry,can decrease and bring about indigestion and unwell.

Hollow can easy generation is fatigue.

Hot spring of pregnant woman bubble should is with fetal safety preferential think.

The person of easy insomnia must have avoided to immerse for long hot spring, otherwise easy because of spirit is excited and aggravating symptom.

The skin is dry, the sensitivity skin that is like easy dry urticant chap, or old people skin is hydrous less person, immerse on a few moist latexes had better be wiped immediately after hot spring, lest skin water divides a large number of be lost,cause instead unwell.

Although some hot spring are so-called OK and drinkable, middling of Dan Yinquan water has sulfide to wait mineral, also must take care to try, lest suffer its instead,kill.

Distinguish with hot spring property:

Acidity spring: Do not suit drying cutaneous particularly the person immerses.

Spring of strong acid sex: Can spur cut, because this has,the patient of the skin injury should avoid.

Spring of neuter carbonic acid or alkalescent spring: Relatively without special apprehension, want to be not particularly sensitive neuter skin to be able to be enjoyed character only.

Hot spring temperature:

Move for, it is OK that the warm water temperature that water bathes blandly is close to, cross human body high about about 5, 6 degrees or so can; Everyday most but bubble bath 3, every time the longest should control in thirty minutes of less than.



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