Common sense of manner of health care of hot spring bath

Hot spring health care has " immerse, gush drenchs, have a good swim, steam " 4 kinds of means.

"Immerse " can be in a room bath crock, indoor hot spring swim inside the pool immerse slowly with the most comfortable temperature, the body of beneficial material infiltration that makes hot spring medium, be like undertake acupuncture is treated, after immersing, particular body and mind feels free from worrily;

"Gush drenchs " the flower can be used to asperse pretext to crural whole body to drench inside room shower room irrigate, gush drenchs after ending, be like do not wipe the body all right namely, if have the feeling that a film enclothes,your aux will be able to discovers the body;

"Have a good swim " be in large and indoor hot spring swim in the pool, with one one,s heart is loosened, recreational and pelagian, add the massage of heating power, your aux will be able to is experienced common swim what the pool cannot be likened to is free from worry.

"Steam " it is to be in mulberry inside that room, use the high temperature steam of hot spring water, effective infiltration skin, make pore dilate, peculiar the effect that removes exhaustion.


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