Old person travel notices 6 times

The first should select sincere letter, reliable travel agent. Old people goes out travel, collective goes and must select the travel agent of credit beautiful. 

Window of the 2nd the Bieyi when wanting to notice to take a car. When taking a car, must not be humeral arm lean on car pane, lest catch a cold catch a cold.

The 3rd it is the check-up before before leaving indispensable. Before road travels, senile ginseng lengthen should undertake necessary check-up, ask for so that the doctor agrees, square movable body. Next again the body state according to oneself, select appropriate travel site.

The 4th it is abode wants comfortable and quiet. Enough sleep should assure when old people travels with refection. To assure everyday 6 ― Morpheus time of 8 hours, accommodation condition is not begged luxurious, but want comfortable and quiet, and best with accompany person or travelling companion to stay in a room together, facilitate take care of.

The 5th it is food should tell sanitation. Old people is in the dietary appropriate in journey is delicate, eat vegetable fruit more. Should be in as far as possible have dinner of dining-room of place where troops are stationed, tableware of provide for oneself and water cup. Gust is fastfood should not be eat too much.

The 6th should avoid excessive exhaustion. Old people had better choose train sleeper or plane when long-distance journey, also can go to before section. Viatic program arranges appropriate pine to should not be close, vivid momentum shoulds not be too big. When swimming, walking appropriate delay, successive



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