Electronic passenger ticket introduces

Electronic passenger ticket is the optimal product that youth market of electronic business affairs turns, its cast off content shedding to deserve to send link, make broad user can experience online pay immediateness to take " goods " consumptive process, the disappear give a lot of care that satisfies its electron business affairs manages.

Of electronic airline ticket appear the market demand that complied with information age, already made one of important standards that business affairs of aviation journey electron changes. This country boat rolls out " electronic airline ticket " accord with standard of international Aeronautic Association, have international versatility. This kind of airline ticket orders a ticket not only, pay, deal with board the plane the whole process of formalities is finished on couplet net computer, and return a ticket of the occasional when changing a travel is very convenient also.

The passenger need not take traditional paper airline ticket, should mix by Id only order of order of electronic airline ticket, before the plane takes off 1 hour reachs the airport the bar with special airline, can take the plane on boarding check directly. What avoided what cause because of airline ticket is lost or be being forgotten to cannot board the plane thereby is awkward.


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