Guideline of equipment of summer seaside travel

Although everybody goes to the seaside,be disappear heat goes vacationing, the requirement to equipment is not so slashing, but the appropriate equipment on the belt, can make the travel fun of your seaside soars. Having a few equipment is requisite, a few belong to luxury, you can decide what to take according to your scheduling.


Sunglasses: Burning sun sorching, sunglasses is the requisite that protects an eye not to suffer intense and solar enroach on. The color of sunglasses, style is multifarious. Say from the style, carry to facilitate, should choose weight light, do not be afraid that the colophony that fall is other perhaps the athletic lens that synthesizes material, had better be glasses leg matchs those who have a band the sort of; The sunlight of the seaside is intense, should choose the lens of dark brown, green with deeper color so; UV lens can prevent lens of ultraviolet ray, polarization can filter the clutter in the light, make the scenery before more clear.

Prevent bask in frost: Ladies may bask in things to preventing more be expert at, but need is used like the man prevent the skin that basks in things him protection not to suffer ultraviolet enroach on. Additional, daub is prevented when basking in frost must daub is even, if was developed by sweat, fill even brush, but cannot disrelish a trouble.

Measure prevent bask in taste prevent bask in ability to be about to see SPF value and PA classification. SPF is worth be wave of B of precautionary ultraviolet ray to prevent bask in effect index, ultraviolet B wave is to cause the skin to be basked in (red, remove bleb to wait a moment) advocate because of. For instance SPF value is 130, express to was not brushed prevent bask in if 5 minutes of meetings bask in red word,taste, below same smooth amount, have 130 = of 5 × 650 minutes prevent bask in the effect. Additional, PA classifies be wave of A of precautionary ultraviolet ray to prevent bask in effect index, ultraviolet A wave is regarded as to cause the cause of skin ageing. For instance, PA + expresses to be prevented than was not being brushed namely bask in tasted skin much 2 ~ the 4 times time that can wait the skin to suntan.

Natant appliance: Arrived the seaside does not swim is disappoint having a place really beautiful scene in a good day, so natant appliance did not forget to take certainly. Swimsuit, swim pants, swim looking glass of cap, water, bath towel, slipper, cannot little.


Camp things: Tent calculates luxury already, calculate again taste sparely. Because camp compared with look for off-the-peg abode, appear very troublesome, and equipment itself is not cheap also. Dan Lou battalion can save accommodation to expend, have fun very again. Whether to live so tent, see yourself have this interest.

In the tent that the seaside uses, apt is a few bigger, can live better off; Had better the sort of net that take gauze can breathe freely, can enjoy the fun that blows sea wind euqally in tent so. Moistureproof mat, air cushion should have been taken, sleeping bag criterion cannot too thick, the thin sleeping bag of monolayer is enough. Special those who remind you need notices is, on the beach that scarcely of dew camping ground should choose to be able to erode in briny flood, have the risk that is wided otherwise. 


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