West Island

Situated above the sea, 8 km to the west of Sanya, West Island is a waterborne sport heaven in the exclusive tropical city Sanya. The island is well landscaped, boasting fresh air, soft beaches and limpid water. Beautiful corals grow in surrounding waters flocking with multicolored tropical shoals, as if a small-scale tropical marine ecological ring. 

Divers can appreciate the lovely antler corals, coronal corals, angel fishes, star fishes, urchin, trumpet shell and the rest. A stretch of spacious soft beaches is to the southeast serving as the major occasion for swimming and other sports such as beach football and volleyball etc. Watching seals?? performance, diving, motorboat, Speedboat and other facilities provide you a tropical, exciting and unforgettable island of passion. 

West Island (Xidao, Diamaodao or Xidiadao) is the second largest island of Hainan Province. It is located about 8km away from Sanya in Snaya Bay National Natural Reserve. With the resident less than 3,000 living mainly on fishing, this quiet island is attracting more and more vacationers. The island has the beautiful tropical landscape and fresh air. The sea area around it teems with corals and various kinds of colorful tropic fishes, like a huge marine biosphere. On this small island, you can spend a dreamy day by strolling around, playing the aquatic sports, enjoying the snack, or just watching the clouds in the blue sky.

In addition to water sports, visitors to West Island can enjoy our salt water pool, camping and barbecue facilities, or test their aim on our archery range. Our diving instructors are internationally (PADI) certified, and we offer a full range of equipment for rental. Scuba excursions are available from shore or by boat. Speed boats for the 10 minute trip to West Island depart regulary from Sanya Harbor and are available morning to evening. West Island has a wide array of souvenirs to bring home for family and friends. Chose from exotic seashells, beautiful coral pieces or minority handicrafts.


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