The ends of the earth tour area

The ends of the earth tour area is situated with the Chinese most south City of Sanya western suburbs 26 kilometers place, we also take 20 minutes to be possible to arrive. Today each position rushed under the horizon cape many years desire to be very quick may realize. The ends of the earth tour are Hainan travel one of most splendid programs, is line of Hainan Subject Tune. Today lets us in a return nature, happy passed this happy day, leaves behind an unforgettable recollection. This scenic area mainly has the tropics beach granite scenic spot, the shopping area and the country club composition, integrates the tropics sea scenery, the historical vestige, the Chinese folk custom culture is a body traveling scenic spot, we mainly are tour this scenic area subject landscape, the horizon, the cape, south landscape and so on a day column. Each group friend, ends of the earth were very quick must arrive, then, how we did understand the ends of the earth We first may look from the wording that, simple mentions, the horizon is border of the day, the cape is angle of the sea. Believed such solid everybody is does not will satisfy. Usually thought the day is limitless, therefore does not matter the ends of the earth. But cape, also the sea bay is real solid, the cape is not everywhere all has Really was too ordinary, we said the cape is each present saw left side this Wang cape, this was angle of the sea. The obvious people usually said ends of the earth certainly not that simple, the ends of the earth are use for the shape with nominal to be remote but difficulty with are near to or must the place which can arrive after the untold hardships, thus it can be seen, from ancient to present, the people often said the ends of the earth certainly refer in particular to some place. Then, why chooses this place to call it the ends of the earth Is bringing this question, lets us tour together, uncovers the happy center this to confuse.

Now we already entered the ends of the earth tour area parking lot, we ride the view lathe finishing stops in here, this was "ties Ma Xuanche" the time, the tour time is a half hour, quite is perhaps laborious in the tour process. Because the scenic area horizon, the cape acts according to the horizon good hard labor, the cape road is endless. Sedulously builds. Everybody wants to see the horizon, the cape carved stone, needs to pass through a section of long tropics seacoasts sand beach to be able to arrive. Achieves after the destination, but also must the old route return, so can realize after the untold hardships the predecessor, rushes the ends of the earth taste. The millennium walks, ends of the earth, a this time life big pleasure. The friend, lets us go to the horizon is together the date, the cape embraces the month, is keeping this happy time.

This is we a carved stone which meet along the beach south, above the quarter has "the sea to sentence the day", what meaning sentences in here is Sentences for separates, the separation, the resolution meaning, may think the South China Sea separates with the south day in this. If our back is treating this megalith together, the surface faces south also can comprehend, also may say the sea the belt and south the day, separates or separates. Whether, also may so understand that, The earth, the sea, separates with the south day while this also is in this convergence. We have been turning head have a look, who is this writes writes? Is clear Kanghsi 53 years imperial envoy Miao the Cao soup side, patrols engraves to this topic, this time ends of the earth scenic spot at present discovered earliest carved stone.

Proceeds not to be able to go out 20 meters rice, in a seashore megalith, is the world-wide civilization "south a day column". Carved stone, "south a day column" On Funds is engraving, Xuantong Period first year four small characters, the signature at the end of the letter engraves, "Yongan Fan scaling ladder" inscription. "The Xuantong Period first year" also was "in 1909", Yongan was the geographic name, will be refers to "forever Anju" after the textual research, also is the present Guangxi celebrates the state area the manganese mountain county. "The Fan scaling ladder" is "south a day column" inscription author. Character step of month, Yongan sluice village person. Is born in the clear Tongzhi two years, "the Fan scaling ladder" in Hainan for the official around 18 years, the Xuantong Period Yuan lunar new year‘s eve clear royal government corrupt is incompetent. The foreign big powers stream in, carves up the Chinese Qing Dynasty to occupy together beset with difficulties both at home and abroad, crisis-ridden in, is precarious, at that time 46 year-old "the Fan scaling ladder" took the post of the cliff state Knowledge State, painstakingly planned a business enterprise Hainan Island this quick barren land. Side one day patrols sees in startled Tao to this a stone column to be indomitable spirit, the surging emotions rush, are filled with emotion. Is correct is, "the country is prosperous, the ordinary man has the responsibility". Italy to the pen, "south a day column" four large brush-written Chinese characters finished a piece of writing at one go. Only sees the typeface solemnly, vigorous is powerful, writes down full, The word is near The aim is far. Completely is the day becomes quite the same as.

Ancient times the ancients "the place day circle", thought the earth is a square shape, therefore has four cardinal points view, the day is round, the day cage is covering "the square earth", earth four cardinal points separately has four is supporting the sky with the pillar, the like this south day as soon as leaned on has catered to the people,s saying of place day circle. The people see this "south the day as soon as to lean on" greatly may not need to worry the day must collapse collapses down. South the day as soon as leans on in the independent stone rock pile, stands erect shore of in the South China Sea, Wonderful Great magnificent sight. South the day as soon as leans on the horizon which must tour with us behind, the cape constitutes the subject scenic area together three big landscapes. 1,986 edition two round Renminbi back designs use are this "south a day column" scenery chart.
Is extending the sand beach about 200, dead ahead more than 10 Mi Gao granite hill. Is the famous horizon carved stone locus. Yong Zheng 11 years, when no matter what the Chinese most South End cliff state Too Defends regulation is wise, one day, passed by the bay, in a megalith decision beach road, constructs the natural blockade, the crag goes against the blue sky, stands tall and erect the horizon, the green hill white clouds surrounds faces the mysterious sea breeze to blow, the initiation feeling, the topic has then written "the horizon" two characters. Is apart from now to have more than 260 years history, now took the traveling scenic area is open to the tourist, the fascinating horizon two characters it may be said a character continually city.

But the cape two characters, it is said were hands of the end of the Qing writer, although


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