Guilin Lijiang River

The Lijiang River belongs to the Pearl River river system, the placeof origin northern side Guilin within the boundaries of Xing,anCounty,s cat mountain. The cat mountain is the history called of southcentral a CityRange prominent peak five ridges or mountain ranges, theelevation 2,238 meters, are known as the high point, the Lijiang Riverbecome within the boundaries of Xing,an County by cat mountain underBrook broo kRivulet collection until now also to retain the Chin Shihhuangtime construction "the spirit ditch", it is the Chinese firstartificial canal, the history called "the Xingan spirit ditch", itconnects the Lijiang River water and Xiangjiang River,s water. TheXiangjiang River within the boundaries of Hunan, belongs to theYangtze River river system. The nature has entrusted with it thespecific way. Everybody knew that, "in the world anhydrous east doesnot flow" is because west the Earth the terrain is high, eastern partthe terrain lowers, but only has the Xiangjiang River which createsthe water is by the southing north goes, the Lijiang River water fromnorth to south under, so-called "Hunan flowings the divergence","leaves goes", the Lijiang River therefore acquires fame, probably isthis meaning. Moreover the Lijiang River "flowings" the character,inside the dictionary is limpid, the transparent meaning, probablyalso is the Lijiang River name best meaning. The Lijiang River onceplayed in China,s history the overweight major role, after the spiritditch opened cutting, it has linked up Lingnan and the area south ofYellow River relation, unified Chinese to the Qin dynasty the greatundertaking, as well as to Guilin and even southwest local politics,the economy, the culture, the military all had the profound influence.

Bamboo river scenic area

(Group dragon plays with water) in front right flank near thewater mountain wall, some several Hangs hang upside down ClockBreastStonethe column, their shape is lofty, the relationship of form and spirithas both, likes the great dragon as if which several drinks the river,their body, hides in Shan Binei, only has the main item to approachthe water surface. Works as the spring summer high water, the mainitem then can put out the rain and dew. The fable these dragons arethe God send them to gather the sweet-scented osmanthus essence to theLijiang River nearby. On very long before these hillsides has beencovered with the sweet-scented osmanthus, that flushes the day thefragrance straight birthplace heavenly palace, caused Chang E alsowants secretly to descend to earth, the God is furious for it,thereupon sent these gods dragon, had completely to attract thissweet-scented osmanthus,s fragrance has bring back to the heavenlypalace. Who knew RoadGod the dragon to arrive the primary form to charmby now by here scenery, they not only have not carried off the worldthe sweet-scented osmanthus, instead has brought in the day courtyardrain and dew, they poured into the rain and dew in Cliff Wall the underdeep pool, from this time on this deep pool was called the agallocheaglewood the deep pool. The agalloch eaglewood deep pool water hasirrigated the Lijiang River two cliffs square lands, was long on thisland sweet-scented osmanthus tree branches and leaves luxuriantly,Lijiang River in August both banks everywhere all were thecassiabarktree flower fragrances, no wonder the people all called thisplace Guilin!

Lawn scenic area

(Percussion instrument mandarin duck beach) the curving LijiangRiver, some bay has a beach, had population, from Guilin to Yangshuo,83 kilometers Water Regulation, altogether 360.5 beaches. Beach head beachtailwater quite shallow, Lijiang River from beach head high, makesgurgling the sound, this sound is as if in the heavenly palaceimmortal happy, listened to be called the person to be graceful.Actually this where is the immortal is happy, this is the LijiangRiver music, asks everybody to look, Left Shore side has two big stones, apicture round drum, a picture Gold Gong, the local villagers all arecalled them the percussion instrument stone. Right Shore side two pull outXiu,s hill column, is as if a pair of gong hammer and the drum stick,everybody young listens carefully, as if also some pair of mandarinduck is singing.

Yang dike scenic area

(The Eight Immortals swim river) right front,, the cloud arrived here has been illusory,for person by fairyland feeling. Area this the mountain imposing, front group of 8 mountain tops, liked our country verymuch ancient times in myth fable 8 immortal, approaches is the ironwhich the river off horse was smooth turns Li, side is Cao Guojiu,below wears the hat is the river female immortal, received is ZhangGuolao, Han Xiangzi, Lu Dongbin, blue picks with, Zhong Hanli, justright 8. It is said one day, 8 immortal shows special prowess, sailsacross the seas, accompanies but the line, they arrived nearby theLijiang River on, saw the beautiful Lijiang River scenery, here bluewater Qingfeng, the countryside has resembled the brocade, thereuponthey decided stays behind, this scenic spot names is called "the EightImmortals to swim the river". 

Is popular the level ground scenic area

(Traces river carp) front to have a mountain peak long big,spans nearby the Lijiang River, the entire hill shape likes the carpvery much, the fish head faces right, the fish tail faces left, thefish mouth is connected with right side this mountain peak, carried onthe back in the high fish has group of small mountain peaks toconstitute the fish fin, really was a lifelike big carp, that was inthe world a biggest carp, nobody means called its weight. That finfish likes a small Pekinese dog, also is the pug-dog which we usuallysaid, its forehead, the eye, the four limbs very are all clear, reallywas lovable extremely.

The Guilin scenery has four major characteristics: Shan Qing, ShuiXiu, the hole wonderful, the stone is beautiful, then the LijiangRiver in addition also has the waterfall, Class Spring, the rapids, thebamboo grove four certainly. Some people said that, The Lijiang Rivernot merely has this, moreover also has strangely, confuses,wonderfully, certainly four major characteristics, that is the ancientbanyan tree strange, draws the mountain to be wonderful, confusing ofthe crown crag, the half crosses certainly. Every this all sorts,numerous, really are Savant Sees the kernel, Wise Sees the wisdom.

Positive models the scenic area

("Belt" character carved stone) in the blue lotus peak theinscribed text carved stone are very many, specially on themountainside cliff engraves has a Qing Dynasty Guangxu Dynasty grassscript "the belt" sub- is makes the blue lotus to live runs away. Itsglyph structure meaning, a personal character poem, has unexpectedlycontained "area the mountains and rivers, the youth diligently" eightcharacter


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