Cheung Pei Shan

Cheung Pei Shan is located in Lijiang city Taohuajiang with convergence is that the mountains of Guilin. 3.6 billion years ago from the pure limestone seabed sediment composition, Yamagata like a giant nose Linjiang elongation as water, hence the name. Xiangshan magic, first and foremost spirit seems to complete, followed by the nose and between the legs to create a Water Haoyue, constitute "Xiangshan Moon Water" The Greatest Places. Across the river and Xiangshan Zi Cu Cu Bamboo Island,Cong Long fruit trees, which Zu Li cottage nestled. If the rainy season, cloud steaming fog Tang, cottage and covered with green trees are dressed like Soft tissue, the ancients called "Zi Island Rain."

The moon in the water hole

In Cheung Pei Shan, as the trunk and between the legs. Just over 1.2 million years ago, crustal uplift, Lijiang narrowing and accelerated the development of the moon in the water hole, forming a permeability of the hole thing. 17 meters long, 9.5 wide, 12 meters high. Industry Shu Qing book doctor "xiangshan mind," said: "Western Guangdong#s surprising to Hill, the hills in western Guangdong odd stone, and the provincial capital of xiangshan relative, then again its a very odd behavior of those?"

Rock trunk

Cheung Pei Shan is located in north and south sides of the mountain, connecting with each other, with the moon in the water hole adjacent to the trunk in Cheung Pei Shan Department named later. Rock 1.9 meters high, 3.3 meters wide, 13.5 meters in length. Surface Yankou River, east, was closed strip from south of the Antarctic hole xiangshan along the steps to board the Southern eyes. Eyes like a rock, winding up to the Peak Road. North eyes cliffs, no Dengkou can pass. Rock between the two eyes like holes, is a wonderful scenic view window. From around his left eye, high-rise hotel near the Lijiang River, City Market, row upon row of buildings, semi-para vividly Seongsan; from the right eye view, Jiang Bo Shadow-fan, blinking loom in Chau Zi, Tashan, between mountains. Is cool, look good Riverview Office. Mao Ming Dynasty scholar Stephen had read "the Book of Changes" later in Yankou carved "rock school" 3 words, that this rock as a "point of easy mountain window."Ding Cou Wanli (1577) finishing in the spring of the first month, the "deep bin this hole opened Quan Shan" stone title. Zhang Xiang-ming poet "Mao#s visit to easy points Stephen Hill Window" poem, the "1000 ares culvert Shuiguang House," "Silent Hill view window Zhouyi" sentence, see the moon in the water hole Cliff stone.

Samantabhadra Tower

Looks like the plug back in as the hilt, like a quaint Aquarius, so called "tower hilt" or "Tower Aquarius." On behalf of the Ming Dynasty tower, 13.6 meters high tower, octagonal Xu Mi Zuo Taki for the layer in the second layer is the north of the base, embedded Qingshi Nantian shallow carved like Samantabhadra. Fugen is located in Xiangshan tower of Britain, not only with the legend of Guilin landscape in line, but also confirmed by Samantabhadra said the elephant, and elephants pack Aquarius, in many Asian countries, the legendary, but also a symbol of peace, good and happiness.

Guilin City Emblem

Cheung Pei Shan, as in the leg as the nose and between the holes of a thing, the bottom of tall bright, Xu travelers had described: "Fly-foot cliffs since the cross-peak, mid-stream and Play North East and the West are high HoLEP Shing Mun, Yangjiang come from the South, and the combined flow through the Li River, on both the air out with, say, under the complex and outside the wave-ying, "Xiangshan Moon Water" is called to. whenever the breeze on long, level as a mirror of the night, the moon in the water hole reflection, like a floating皎月Jiang Jiang and floating in the second moon, a "bottom there is the moon, understand the water floating, not on water, water also flows on to" the perfect mood.

The moon in the water holes along the stone-class mountain climbing, the mountain has a more than 20 meters long, to wear around the cave, like an elephant#s eyes, because eyes were like rocks, xiangshan hole between the two different scenery, Guilin is a scenic view of the perfect window.

Peak has Samantabhadra tower built in the Ming Dynasty, in order toLama-type tower, 13.6 meters high. Base north of embedded Qingshi side, flat-carved "Samantabhadra namo" is like. Tower looks like hilt, like Aquarius, a hilt tower, tower called Aquarius.

Cheung Pei Shan and mountains, the two sides, sa distribution of Lijiang, Yamagata, Myeongdong constitute beautiful "three mountain scenery." Cheung Pei Shan mountains and rocks on the moon in the water-hole distance matched, a "bi-monthly lijiang" The Greatest Places.


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