Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge is 20 km long, 213 m gap, and divided into the upper, the middle and the lower three parts of Tiger Gorge, a total of 18 dangerous shoals. The narrowest of the river is no more than only 30 meters. Gap, elevation 1,800 meters, the height difference over 3,900 meters above sea level, it is one of the largest deep valleys in the world. 

Tiger Leaping Gorge is the world,s famous Grand Canyon, and it is famous with its odd risk magnificent. From the Tiger Leaping Gorge town along the river Haba snow-capped mountains overshoots the foothills of with a river enter the canyon. The upper river is 9 km from the town of Tiger Leaping Gorge, highways direct, the whole valley in the narrowest section of Gap Kuanfu more than 30 meters, the river is a 13-metre-high boulder - Tiger Leaping Stone, Legend has it had to Tigers Stone and cleared the Gap. Stonehenge of the river and flying bombers Gu Ming Shan issued the surf. Weng Sun opened poet well written. At this point, the golden sand River in the north, just like walk in the stone gate. Tiger Leaping Gorge Yongsheng northward along the village will reach Tiger Leaping gate. This section is of Central lock Jiang,an cliffs, the cliffs on weekends singular. The river is less than 5 km distance or 100 meters. LIN Li Jiang in the reef, this section referred to as "Gypsophila." Nu-Tao reef in the tempestuous left-right clash between Jiang surfaces of a chlorine fog kept empty. Here in the golden sand River into a three strands of Toronto. Passing the "Gypsophila," walking along the rugged path, FIRST-blasting Haba hoisted in the mountain, known locally as the "Goddess of Mercy waterfall," Guanyin mountain in the 1shape of a towering waterfalls in the next-to Qiongjiang Qingfengdian flying, flutter people cheek, full of masculine gas and the Gap add a bit charming. 

Near to Kuanyin (Goddess of Mercy) waterfall, there is a small village called walnut garden which located on a gentle slope Formation. Around the house the large walnut tree will be set in deep green houses, the housing here more to the stone roofing. Tiger Leaping Gorge to the visitors, and often in this unique style Village. Jin Jiang, accompanied by strong winds and Jiang Tao voice, there is a very exciting feeling. 

The walnut garden Formation of a village along the road before Chehu wide trip less than three kilometers can be arrived at the tiger jumped. Stop here, to balconies Yulong Haba mountain, we saw a peak edge peaks, snow, set-silver heap. 

Under the tiger jumped out near the rugged mountains in a straight, smooth-stone World, and this is the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge dangerous path "Talc board." The stone width of more than 300 meters, a 85 ° angle from the Gap Haba stretched its end of the mountain, smooth stone surface, grassless, a pedestrian falls slightly, will slide into the river. The past people regarded this as ghost Road. 
Early 1930s, a famous scholar of human culture Wei Fu Luke had three travels Tiger Leaping Gorge, he was crazy about the canyon and leased aircraft for aerial Tiger Leaping Gorge, the flu satisfied. After 1949, General Zhang Chong seven personally Tiger Leaping Gorge, Tiger Leaping Gorge for the development of water resources has made immortal contributions. Finally, the remains will be squandering all Tiger Leaping Gorge; Tiger Leaping Gorge in the tragic added a lot of pride. 
Tiger Leaping Gorge dangerous world, but this "risk" but there are also takes away people,s destinations in the splendor of it is precisely this "dangerous", attracting numerous tourists at home and abroad this adventure.


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