Yu Long Jokul

Li Jiang Yu Long Jokul which is located at 15 kilometers north to the Li Jiang Na Xi Autonomy county, 35 kilometers from the south to the north, the width is 25 kilometers, with the area of 26000 acres. The highest peak is Shan Zi Dou,with 5596 altitude, also the first high peak in south bank of Yangtse River, the latest modern ocean iceberg from northern Hemisphere to the equator.

Yulong Snow Mountain is a sacred mountain in the eyes of Lijiang people god of protection to Naxi minority group is the embodiment of the Yulong Snow Mountain. On February 8 in Lunar year, the Lijiang Naxi people and compatriots residing overseas have held a grand, celebrate to the "San Duo Day", to express the spirit of the Yulong Snow Mountain and great admiration to Sanduo.



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