Lord Bao Memorial of Temple

Lord Bao Memorial of Temple is located in Baohe Park just southwest of the city center. It was initially built in 1066 in memory of Baozheng, a famous upright officer during the Northern Song Dynasty (960 – 1127).

Lord Bao Memorial of Temple is a typical ancient architectural complex with style imitating that of the Song Dynasty. Covering an area of o­ne hectare, it mainly consists of Entrance Gate, the Second Gate, the Stele Pavilion, the Main Hall, the Second Hall and the east and west exhibition rooms.

In the main hall, a bronze statue of Lord Bao, which is three meters in height and 2.5 tons in weight, is displayed. With his hat and waist band on, Baozheng sits upright. o­ne of his hands placed o­n the chair with the other clenched.In the second hall, the historical materials and classic books about Lord Bao, the poems made by Lord Bao, monument inscription, and “Kaifeng Residence and Office monument inscription” are exhibited.

The eastern and western halls, using some pictures and essays, show visitors many stories and tales about Lord Bao.
The Memorial Temple of Lord Bao, located o­n the west bank of Lord Bao Lake in Kaifeng, was reconstructed in memory of Bao Zeng, an upright and honest official and a political reformer in the Song Dynasty. It is the key scenic spot in the central plain developed by the National Tourism Bureau. The Memorial Temple of Lord Bao was o­nce built in the Jin and Yuan Dynasties. The reconstructed o­ne covers an area of more than 1 hectare with a collection of magnificent buildings of the Song style.

As a high judicial official in Kaifeng during the Northern Song Dynasty, Bao Zeng, is a household-name in China. People often addressed him as Lord Bao out of the respect. In his long official career, Lord Bao insisted o­n strictly enforcing the law and punishing those who trampled the law, regardless of their social status or reputation. His morality is respected and has been worshipped for generations.

The temple is composed of the main exhibition area, the garden and the service section. The main buildings and scenic spots consist of the Gate Hall, the Second Gate Hall, exhibition halls, the Stele Pavilion, the Second Hall, the corridor hall and the Hundred Dragon Pavilion, along with artificial mountains, waterfalls, springs, bridges and rare stones. In the main hall is a big bronze statue of Lord Bao dressed in official uniform sitting seriously with o­ne hand clasping the chair and the other o­ne tightly gasped as if to jump off the chair. This statue with a height of more than 3 meters and a weight of 2.5 tons, is of historical, ideological and artistic value. The historical relics and documents which show Bao’ life and merits are displayed beside this solemn statue.

In the Second Hall, the following are displayed: o­ne of Lord Bao’s poems which shows his political ambition, the family disciplines, the epigraph and the handwritings of Bao; as well as the Stele named Kaifeng Fu. In his poem to express his political ambition, Lord Bao made it clear that greediness is the root of all evils, while uprightness is the foundation of a man. Lord Bao wrote in the family disciplines that any of his descendants who committed crimes of corruption in his official career should be driven out of Bao’s family and could not be buried in the Bao clan cemetery after their death. The items displayed reflected Bao’s integrity and uprightness. o­n the Stele named Kaifeng Fu, there are 183 names of the past officials of the 148 years, from the beginning of the Northern Song Dynasty. o­nly below the name of Lord Bao there is a deep smooth ditch, which has been formed by the touches of visitors through the ages; and it witnesses the people’s respect to Bao for more than o­ne thousand years.

In the garden, there is an artificial mountain by the lake, decorated by rushing waterfalls, rare stones, delicate sculptures and flourishing plants. In the service section, there are parking lots, shops, toilets, public telephones, tourist guides and an information desk, which offer services like guides, shopping, dinning, parking, inquiry and photography.



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