Hangzhou Paradise

Hangzhou Paradise Park is the themed recreation area of World Leisure Expo Garden. It is the sea of happiness, the world of amusement. Here, you can feel excitement and fun of the 108 meters high Sightseeing Tower which is the highest in Asia, the roller coaster, looting boat in rip current, pirate ship, and the wave pool, sand, rockery, tree coffee bar from the largest water park in Yangtze Delta. Hangzhou Paradise Park is filled with happiness and excitement. Thrills everywhere in Hangzhou Paradise Park.

The Paradise Park includes the Theme Park of Holland Village, the Theme Park of Marco Polo’s Tour, Ecological Garden, Golf and Tennis Ball Club, Niton Hot Spring Holiday Village and Fashionable Residential Area six parts. There are wave pool, beach, coffee bar and rockery, where people would paddle in the water, surfing and playing sand beach volleyball. Water Park likes a tropical rain forest, in which everyone can enjoy with the water. The Sightseeing Tower is the first tower in East China area, as well as the highest sightseeing tower in Asia, which is 108 meters high. People have much fun when it rises slowly, while both Qiangtang River and Xiang Lake are in sight.


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