the Summer Palace

Summer Palace is located in the western suburbs of Beijing, is the first classical Chinese garden, with a total area of about 290 hectares, composed by Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake. All garden divided into 3 regions: the Ren Shoudian as the center of political activities; to Yu Lan Tang, Empress Leshou Tang as the main living area; to the composition of Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake in the scenic tourist area. Peaks of the Park to the Western Hills as the background, coupled with the situation in Lake Park building complex and integrated, so that endless scenery changes. December 2, 1998, included in the "World Heritage List."

Longevity Hill before Hill Park building complex is the essence of the whole Department, Yamashita Kunming Lake, a length of 728 meters of the promenade, will be diligent and living areas, clusters, even as a whole. Promenade with beautiful paintings known, there are 546 scenic West Lake and the 8000 story of multiple characters, landscapes flowers and birds. 1992 Summer Palace corridor as "the world,s longest corridor" into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Tour the Summer Palace
Palace gate - the Summer Palace main entrance, the door of the veranda Sanming two dark hall-style architecture, the middle of the main entrance for the emperor, after access, known as the "Royal Road", both sides of the openings for access to his ministers, eunuchs, pawns from both sides of the wicket out of the North South Gate . Plaque, "Summer Palace" would be deleted as the Emperor Kuang Hsu imperial title.

Ren Shoudian - Court District, one of the main building, formerly known as agreement in Qinzheng Palace, Guangxu years changed its name, which means longevity Shi benevolent person. It is the Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Cixi and Emperor Guangxu hearings of the hall, but also the modern China Reform and one of the planning of the reform movement.

Germany and the park - the park has the largest remaining ancient China Peking Opera Theater, its high 21 m, the middle and lower sub-three. Center for the lower ceiling, an open courtyard in collusion with the upper stage, middle stage equipped with winches, happy coincidence set up scenery, heaven into the earth, endless variations.

Le Shoutang - In the Summer Palace, Kunming Lake at the northeast face is the Empress summer fun land. Magnolia Court in the plant, Begonia, Peony and other rare flowers.

Promenade - On invitation of the east gate, the West only stone zhangting a total length of 728 meters, a total of 273 galleries, Gallery of China,s building the largest, longest and most famous promenade.

Pai Yundian - Empress celebrate the birthday celebrations will be held worship when He accepted the place, front of the hall there are rows Cloud Gate 2 palace, both sides of the breakdown of Zi Xiao, Yuhua, Fang Hui, Yun Jin-four wind-room, is the Summer Palace in the most spectacular buildings .

Buddhist House - built in the Longevity Hill before the high mountain slopes of boulder station base is 21 meters. It is south of Kunming Lake, backed by the wisdom of the sea Buddhist temple, with its center in all buildings bearing, discipline and symmetry to the wings to start echoing each other, an awe-inspiring.

Marble Boat - Summer Palace Wanshou Á ª shore, is the famous water garden construction. Hull length 36 meters, with a huge pile of stones made thorough, two-story wood structure, the Department of cabin floor, but all the oil into a marble decorative patterns, top decorated with brick carvings, delicate ornate, fun summer viewing for the Empress, Kunming Lake rest of the office.

South Lake Island - south-east of Kunming Lake, Longevity Hill away and corresponds to the island built Longwangmiao, Kam Yuan Tang, Yue-bo House, rockery on the virtual Han Tang, for the island,s main building, three-story eaves Ge Wang , is watching the military exercises in Kunming lake place.

17 Arch Bridge - the park,s largest stone bridge, 150 meters long, flying cross-Tung and the South Lake Island, in between the horizontal wave shaped like Changhong. Its shape both Beijing Marco Polo Bridge, Suzhou Precious Belt Bridge, the characteristics of the bridge there is an air of different stone lions, the size of a total of 544.

Copper cow - in the Kunming Lake Tung, Fu-lying carved stone pedestal in order to vividly known as the shape of real beef. Is reported for the suppression of flooding the sky. Cattle back also has 80 characters Zhuanti casting, inscriptions, "Taurus-ming."

Kunming Lake Sai - embankment bounded lake bridge, sheltered bridge, Jade Belt Bridge, mirror bridge, train bridge, Liu bridge, collectively known as Sai six bridges, of which the most famous Jade Belt Bridge.

Harmonic walled - Longevity Hill in the Summer Palace, Dong Lu, the famous "garden within a garden." Outlook for the Empress of the Dutch fishing. Park, the central government as the lotus pond, ring pool with far-Han Tang, visions of new buildings, Zhichun Tang, Cheng Shuang, vegetarian, etc. 13 Rendezvous Hall pavilion, and use 100 of the veranda phase circuitous communication. Outdoor Gallery edge flowers trees, Zhu Ying v


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