Saint Sophia Cathedral

The Sophia Cathedral is in Harbin, China. It was built in March, 1907. It is the biggest church in the Far East district now. It is a Orthodox eastern church. The Sophia Cathedral is a Byzantine building. It can hold 2000 people. It is very beautiful. The bricks in the Sophia Cathedral are red. It was built by Russian. It has four floors, and four doors. The belfry is on top of the frontispiece. The chime can transmit to Acheng. The interior decoration in the Sophia Cathedral is elaborate and fine. It is one of the best known scenic spot and tourist attraction in Harbin.

St. Sophia Church in Harbin city, the Far East region,s largest Orthodox Church, Tung 53.35 meters high, covers an area of 721 square meters, is typical of Byzantine architecture. In November 1996, was listed as the national key cultural relics protection units; in June 1997, St. Sophia Church in Harbin repaired and renamed the building the Museum of Art.

St. Sophia Cathedral and great momentum, exquisite. Church of water used in all red brick walls, a huge crown on the head full of onion dome, the command of the four wings of different sizes of tent top to form a master-slave layout of the stairs between the four floors connected all around, there are four doors and out. The main entrance at the top of the bell tower, seven bronze bell music is exactly the system of seven notes, by well-trained hands and feet of people ring the bell, beating out the cadence of the bell.

Towering magnificent St. Sophia Church, Harbin, constitute a unique exotic cultural landscape and urban customs, the same time, it is also the history of Tsarist Russia witnessed the invasion of northeastern Harbin city,s modern history and research in an important trace Jane.


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