Note taking red-eye flight

Price benefit, the body also can not be hard on myself, pick a number in the "Red Eye" Laojiang Hu had fought for years for everyone to support the recipe, perhaps the same will choose to "red-eye flights" and bring you some help.

Weapon one: to sleep

Say that sleep is "kingly" is extreme. Many international flights are used by people who are quickly falling asleep during the flight is not difficult.
However, at home, even if the route and then a long, 3,4 hours of basic also to the destination, and want to sleep Shuang expected to be difficult. If you go to sleep before boarding the flight is not so squeamish or very tired, it will be your "red eye" flight helpful. Proposed take "red-eye" flight that morning to get up early, doing the movement, and do not want an entire day naps.

Weapon 2: Diet

Often make you drowsy carbohydrates, protein and fat will make you sober, bananas and milk to promote sleep very effective. Of course, if you bent on thinking sleepy, coffee is your only choice.

Similarly, the in-flight drinking water is very important. However, if you are about to fall asleep, then the pre-departure drink a large glass of water will force you to fly when half the bathroom, so drink plenty of water amount is the key.

Weapon 3: seat

If we can have a seat by the window, you,re really very lucky. Because you rely on both the inside wall of the aircraft, but also will not be disturbed to the same seat passengers. Moreover, no one got up and left their seats and a result of your awakened. Of course, if the rear seats can lie down and point, the same problem. However, some seats, particularly those near the emergency exits after a few rows of seats can not be set to.

Weapon 4: Peer by

If you and your spouse, children, relatives or close friends boarded the "red eye" flight, then you will be in the smaller people in the "middle" seat, it was larger than the person sitting by the window. In this case, the small one of the people can rely on a big one and everyone will feel little more comfortable.

Weapon 5: things to help sleep

An inflatable neck pillow and sometimes give you great surprise, as well as goggles, earplugs and other devices are very help you in the "red-eye flights" on the go to sleep. Do not worry about wearing these things will be very funny, the next morning for you panda eyes bloodshot look more ridiculous. Punish Weapon 6:

Try drowsy

See more boring movies, listening to some soft music or read lengthy books will definitely have the effect, if your eyelids droop down, you should put them aside. We sleep, do not Tingzhao.