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Dalian Medical University

Northeastern China|Liaoning



Dalian Medical University is located in the north of the picturesque Xinghai Park and nestled at the foot of the hills and facing the sea. It was founded in 1947, and with a few decades’ development, Dalian Medical University has become a multidisciplinary, multi-level comprehensive medical university with specializing in medicine, science, liberal arts and management. The university encompasses 14 second-class institutes, 7 educational departments, 1 nursing school and nearly 132 teaching bases for clinical education, distributed over 12 province, 29 cities, and 10 affiliated hospitals, among them there are 2 directly affiliated hospitals, which together have 4000 hospital beds. The university is rich in education capabilities with the total number of teaching staff; doctors and nurses over 4,300, among whom 930 are professors and associate professors, and more than 500 are postgraduate and doctorate supervisors.

The total number of enrolled students is nearly 13,500, among whom 1,440 are in postgraduate programs (Ph.D. and master degree), 4,400 are in the undergraduate program and 700 are in higher professional education ( college certificate), and around 900 are international students and overseas Chinese students for long-term degree education. Over 3200 are for continuing education and around 3000 are from Branch institute. The university has one biology postdoctoral program of class-A doctorate degrees authorization, 8 class-B doctorate degrees authorization, 5 class-A master degrees authorization, and 50 class-B master degrees authorization, and it also has a 7-year program, 14 bachelor-degree programs, 8 higher vocational education programs, 9 adult education programs for bachelor degrees and college certificates, and there are 5 key subjects of Liaoning Province.

The university has 2 labs in ministry-level: Dalian Medical University national drug clinical research base of S.F.D.A. (State Food and Drug Administration), and Dalian Medical University molecular biology laboratory of S.A.T.C.M. (State Administration of traditional Chinese-medicine), and 5 provincial key labs: the key lab of encephalopathy, the key lab of cellular and molecular biology, the key lab of glycobiology, the key lab of SPF animal center, the key lab of university cancer genome. It also has 23 research institutes.

The international communications and cooperations of the university are now becoming active and extensive, with the establishment of partnerships with more than 72 universities, 38 institutes and corresponding organizations of 26 different countries and areas, such as New York State University of U.S.A., Curtin University of Technology, Victoria University in Australia, University of South Australia, the University of Adelaide, Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy in Ukraine, Saint-Petersburg State Pavlov Medical University, the University of Bolton in U.K., Fachhochschule Dortmund University of Applied Science, Gunma University of Japan, Tokyo Medical and Dental University of Japan, Our Lady of Fatima University, Philippines, Chonnam National University in Korea. Having been approved by the Education Department of Liaoning Province, the foreign students can be enrolled into every major available at present, and the candidates include: undergraduates in medicine, junior college students, master programs and doctorate programs, refresher course students in medicine, and interns as well as Chinese Language learners. Now the university has MBBS courses in English for its foreign students.

There are 949 short-term and long-term foreign students from 20 different foreign countries on the campus, more than any other university in Liaoning province, there are 87 students from Hong Kong, Tai Wan and Macao. During these years, international joint educational programs have been explored, and now the university have started the running school program and credit-exchange program with 17 universities from 9 countries ( U.K., Ukraine, Philippines, Australia and etc.),till the end of 2006, there 248 students of Dalian Medical University have joined the international joint educational programs. The new campus is located in the golden coach along the southern lvshun road which is on the construction.

The total land area of the first section is planned to be 1,14 km2, which becomes international, digital, gardenesque and modern, it is going to be open in Aug. of 2007. The whole campus will make great efforts for establishing an advanced, multilevel, multidisciplinary and comprehensive medical university.