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Wuxi Institute of Commerce

Eastern China|Jiangsu


Wuxi Institute of Commerce, with a history of over 40 Years and under the direct administration of Education Commission of Jiangsu Province, is a full-time boarding school in the training orientation of prospective trade and business personnel. The institute is located at the beautiful TaihuLake and adjacent to the fragrant PlumGarden. With campuses of 100 hectares, it is well equipped with more than 2,000 computers, 25 multi-media classrooms, 80 laboratories, 800, 000 volumes of books in the library, half a dozen e-reading rooms and 10 reading rooms.

Currently, the institute has an enrollment of over 1, 4000 students from 15 provinces, and is staffed with an excellence of faculty of 860 teachers, including 80 associate professors. Ten foreign language faculties are native speakers with qualifications in respective expertise and experience. Besides AdultCenter and Social Science Division, Departments, namely, Electronics & Engineering, Information Engineering, Mechanics and Electronics, Trade & Finance, Tourism Administration, Accounting, Artistic Design, and Foreign Languages as well as International Exchange & Cooperation Centre, have been established, offering 25 majors with over 50 disciplines. It has formed the multi-level education system including three-year junior college, four-year junior college with two diplomas, part-time junior and undergraduate for adults, five-year junior college, and secondary technical education.

Since its establishment, the school has been designed to train students who wish to enter the business market, and it cooperates with enterprises at home and abroad, and greatly values the relations of mutual exchanges with overseas institutions in Canada, America, Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia. Great effort has been made to carry out reforms in teaching, cultivating Students’ vocational skills and the ability of innovation. To foster students’ practical skills, bases featuring with producing-studying-research have been founded, namely, Jiangsu Education Supermarket, Wuxi Jinggong Decoration Co. Ltd, and Mengzhidao Information Technology Co. Ltd. Cooperating with Aabenraa Business College, the school has set up Sino-Denmark International Business Simu-Center, offering effective environment for students to practice international E-business.

The institute has been favorably recognized by Education Commission of Jiangsu Province with honors of Model Unit of Jiangsu Province and Vocational Education Model Unit of Jiangsu Province, for it attaches great importance to pioneering, creativity, and unique characteristics. Numerous graduates from our school are active in professions of all walks of life and contributing their expertise to the drive of China’s socialist modernization.

With full cooperation of all staff and faculty, the institute has been driving in the direction of first-rate International business school. We are ready to create brighter future with you.