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Winter Camp with Dalian Smile Chinese School

Updated: 2011-07-27 14:16:24

Annual winter camp of Smile Chinese starts! We provide special Chinese teaching services for foreign friends and children of Chinese living abroad during winter vacation, which provide a chance for our students to enjoy the charm of Chinese traditional culture, mean while, kids from different countries and areas make friends with each other and inspire each on the way of Chinese study.

The Brief Introduction of Dalian
Dalian, the pearl of north China, plays a very important role in the international economic exchange due to its favorable geographical position. Compared with the other fast-growing cities in China, Dalian has attached no less importance to education than the western developed countries have done. This young city has been famous for its sound educational system. Our winter program provides chance for foreign students, who are attracted by our 5, 000-year-old history, to experience the charm of our city and our culture.

Guarantee of Security and Quality
With the combination of intensive Chinese classes and colorful tourism activities, our summer program is well designed for students who want to study Chinese during the summer vacation. In order to ensure the efficiency of study and remove the burden from the parents, we will arrange catering, accommodation, transportation and tour for students. We are confident that our students will spend a substantial and meaningful vacation, with a series of language training and good influence of language environment.

Experiencing the Charm of Chinese Culture by Intensive Courses
We try to help foreign students apply what they have leant in class to daily communication by intensive indoor classes and outdoor activities which lay a foundation for their further study ,which will be helpful to their life in Dalian. In order to undergo a qualitative Change in terms of the skills of reading, listening, speaking, and writing in Chinese, our classes will be offered by qualified Chinese tutors.

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