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Why Summer Camp for Kids?

Updated: 2011-07-23 14:42:14

Reasons for Summer Camp

Does your child want to go to summer camp? Consider the social and educational benefits before making your decision. Camp can be the opportunity of a lifetime and the chance to learn a new talent or make lifelong friends and memories.

Option for Working Parents

Many working parents do not have the choice to stay home with their children during the summer break.  Like most states Texas law does not define a specific age at which a child may be left home alone. So while some children may be mature enough to remain home on their own, often parents do not feel comfortable to do so.  Summer camp is a great alternative to leaving children at home alone or with siblings.

Day Care Alternatives

Many students of school age use the state school before and after school care programs.  Many of these day care facilities allow vacations from their program without losing placement or having to pay fees.  Summer camps offer kids a variety from their school year routine.  Kids get a vacation and … well… we all like that no matter what age!

Introduce New Activities

Does your child want to learn to play the drums but if you buy a drum kit you don’t believe he/she will stick to it? The school year can be hectic, often just getting through the day with school, homework, meals and bedtime can be a struggle leaving little time for extra curricular activities.  Summer camp is a great opportunity to expose your child to a variety of experiences with a short commitment (often only a week.)  They can try art, music, cooking, a wide variety of sports, even Confidence Courses (ropes, abseiling, rock climbing etc). There is something for every interest, talent and ability!

Provide Structured Environment

Routines help children as well as adults.  Keeping kids on a schedule of getting up, dressed and out the door creates routine.  These routines are particularly helpful for managing little ones and motivating older children.  Organized activities throughout the day provide opportunities for play and discovery that stimulate physical and mental heath.

Exposure to Positive Role Models

You may have the best behaved child but are your children’s friends the best influences for them?  Do you want some control over who he/she is spending time with all summer long?  Summer camps provide the opportunity to choose the environment where they will spend the bulk of their day even for a week or two at a time.  Consider asking the organization about the staff experience to ensure your child is provided this safe and supportive environment to try new activities and skills with ones willing to encourage and display positive character traits.


Opportunity for Personal Growth

Does your child have a unique talent or skill not shared with his/her peers?  Summer camp gives these uniquely talented children the opportunity to spend time with groups of children with likeminded interests where everyone at the camp will be ‘just like them’.  Perhaps they just want to play tennis but need a partner; a tennis camp will provide that much needed opponent to practice those forehands and serves and improve technique at the same time.

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