City hangzhou

Sudi foothills south from Nanping, north to the Xixia Ling, the total length of nearly three kilometers, she is the Northern Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo, known as Hangzhou, the dredging of West Lake, the use of the excavated soil to build from Feng. Future generations to commemorate the achievements of West Lake Su Dongpo governance will be named as she Sudi. Long Beach lying wave, connected to the Beishan Nanshan, to the West Lake added a charming landscape. Southern Song Dynasty, Sudi Chunxiao Thrilling Scenic Sites was listed as the head of the West Lake, also known as the Yuan Dynasty "six Yanliu Bridge" and included in the Qianqian Thrilling Scenic Sites, reflected on her by the ancient people loved.

   Had a severe winter, Sudi Pianpian like an emissary from the reported spring, willow Gaan, Yan Tao Zhuozhuo, more lake-like mirror that reflects Qianying, unlimited Rouqing. The most touching the heart, is the dawn Chulu, the Western Hills, Shen, Qingfeng blowing slowly, Liu Sishu Volume Piaohu, outside breakwaters, Gouhunxiaohun.

   Sudi Long Beach extension, the six bridges ups and downs, to provide visitors can leisurely stroll and praised the volatile Line outbound tours. Walk in the embankment, bridge, such as drawing as Hushan Shengjing start, 10,000 kinds of style, being a taste. Sudi on the six arch bridge, from south to north called video-on, lock Lan, Wang Shan, pressure embankment, Dongpu and cross-Hong. Bridge can see, all leading position: Ying-Bridge and spend in Hong Kong and the adjacent park, with cross-Chui Yang Yu, Yang Yan Bo shake; lock Lan see small bridge near Yng-Jou, Yuanwang-tert-tower, it is far nearly empty; Wang Shan Xi Wang bridge, SHAN Lan Ding Yi Cui may be, double-Weiran inserted into the head; pressure bridge embankment about Habitat Sudi North-South split in the gold, is the old West Lake to the owner to use the waterway mouth, "Su Embankment in Early Spring "King Beiting on the southbound; Dongpu bridge is reason to believe that the" beam of Echuan Pu Bridge, where the lake is on the point of sunrise good one-Hongqiao see the vast sky rainbow after the rain Fei Jia, Wu Shan Mu Hui, such as in Wonderland.

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