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Night lake Generally, there are three kinds of ways:

First, the lake on foot;

Secondly, watch Impression West Lake water curtain drama;

Third, FangSong Gyoshu “Radial Route,” boats and luxury trips. Here, under the main description on this not to be missed Fangsong Gyoshu “Radial Route,” the Lake boats and luxury night.

“Tsuen radial” floating restaurant is a well-deserved reputation of the oldest in the West Lake cruise. First of all is that this ship has up to 450 million yuan worth expansive; followed by 25 meters long and 8 meters wide of the majestic figure, as well as exquisite and delicate wood carving, the Royal magnificent nature itself; and finally her origins, according to legend, when the Southern Song Dynasty , West Lake, there is called “Route of radial” in royal boat, designed for the royal nobility boating on the lake full moon tea, but today’s “Route of radial” Although the artwork merely on the basis of copies of records, but the slightest inferior to the ancient grace.

“Tsuen radial” floating restaurant can accommodate 100 visitors at the same time, fares 90 yuan / person (children half price, ticket point and boarding point are two Park Lake Ferry). On board to provide Longjing, fruits and tea snacks. Attendant on board either from the appearance or attitude just as much as flight attendants. There are instruments on board the same time, southern performances, visitors can while tea while Hear Music.

“Tsuen radial” boats and tour route as follows: Shiratsutsumi – Red Beans Love – Sudi – Santanyinyue – Liulangwenying – Lakeside musical fountain – Pier, full time is about 50 minutes.

Warm Tips:

Each attraction will be little to stop a few minutes, visitors can take pictures. “Tsuen radial” boats ticket time 19:00 to 21:00 daily ticketing, pick-up to buy tickets you can board, full tour after the end of unclear field, if the tourists still not get enough, can sit through 22: 00 boats and closing date.

Romantic in the autumn full moon cruise, extremely nice, but the Mid-Autumn Festival for “Route radial” boats and give us a night south style.

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