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The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is the tallest TV tower in Asia, and the third in the world with a height of 468 meters. It is a symbol of Shanghai due to its unique style and the height. There are 11 spheres in total along the tower top down. Two of them are pretty large and have a lot of facilities for tourists inside. These spheres are why the tower was named "Pearl Tower".
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The tower is a great view whether close to or far from it, whether during daytime or in the night, because it is so huge and stylish. There are three sightseeing floors in the lower big sphere, upper big sphere and the top small sphere. The sightseeing floor in the upper big sphere is 263 meters high, and the one in the top small sphere is 350 meters high! The view from there is indeed marvelous.
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Besides the sightseeing floors, there are also a lot of other facilities in the tower. The bottom of the tower is a department store and Shanghai City History Museum. Go a little higher into the lower big sphere 90 meters high, there is a science and fantasy city. The 5 small spheres between the two big spheres are small hotels. In the upper big sphere, there is a buffet restaurant where you can have lunch for 200 RMB and dinner for 280 RMB. The top small sphere is designed as a space city.

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