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WEB International English, Yiwu Center

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Since its foundation in 1998, with the aim of “providing Chinese people with a better and more effective way of learning English”, Web International has been offering quality language training for enterprises and individuals. By using the latest developments in language education from both home and abroad and by introducing internationally acclaimed teaching methods into China, “Web international English” developed a unique learning method to accommodate Chinese students’ special needs.

We at Web International want to help all our students to improve their English ability. Web international wants to be a partner in their success in both education and career.

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nnovative Concept

Our realistic English-speaking environment is a valuable resource for English study. We provide a multimedia lab equipped with the latest technology and education software; we also provide diverse activities; such as film workshop, social club and extra curricular activities to enrich the learning experience. Students at Web International English are guaranteed improvement in their English through communication with professional ESL teachers in various situations.

Outstanding Quality

Web International English program is powered by DynEd International, the patent-holder and leader in CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) in Silicon Valley, USA. The courseware developed by DynEd International has proved successful in more than seventy countries in the past fifteen years. Judging by this experience, the learning method of Web international English will undoubtedly be a milestone in the history of English education in China.

The multi-disciplinary teaching model of Web international is to combine a guided multimedia teaching method with directly related private classes to give students the opportunity to use their newly acquired knowledge and to identify any problem. Through this kind of tangible, definite and effective study procedure English learners will be able to form an English language frame in their mind which will help them in real-time English communication. This combination has proved to be the most effective learning mode for realizing full potential of CALL within a real time environment.

Objective Value

One of the biggest challenges faced by English language training centers is to find an effective way to solve the problems of adult learners. The traditional teaching model is that of collective study with fixed study time. This model cannot meet the requirements of work people and other special groups. In order to help students realize their ideal of improving their English, Web international offers a completely new environment. Our course gives students the chance to form their own study objectives and decide their class time. Therefore, it is suitable for all students with different study goals, study speeds and ability levels. The flexible model and open study time ensure all students to have time to enjoy quality study.

Web International provides a warm, professional and attractive environment for every student to assist them in reaching their respective objectives.

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