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Tarim University

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Tarim University, located in Alar,a new city by the Tarim River, was founded in 1958, named Tarim University of Agricultural Reclamation originally.In the course of its establishment,General Wang zhen, former vice-chairman of P.R.China, showed great concern and warm support.He was the honorary president.

It was renamed Tarim University in 2004, which covers land of 170hm.During its 50 years,it has developed into a comprehensive university based on agricultural science combining with many other fields of study such as literature, law,natural,science,engineering,economics and management science and it has authority to award both Bachelor and Master degree on the graduates.Instead of being supervised by the State Agricultural Department,it is now governed by Central Government and Xinjiang Production and Construction Group.

Tarim University consists of eight colleges:College of Plant Science and Technology,College of Animal Science and Technology,College of Liberal Arts and Science,College of Economics and Management,College of Agricultural Engineering,College of Information Engineering,College of Adult Education and College of Advanced Vocational Training,with 32 specialties for undergraduate students,6 specialties for Master has set up a training center for the cadres in South-Xinjiang and a biotechnoIogicaI R&D center.The university has paid special attention to the development of applied science.There are 70 practice bases inside and outside the campus,and 4 provincial key subjects:fruit science,the cultivation and tillage of crops,animal nutrition and feeds science,biochemistry and molecular biology,and 2 key laboratories.The current student enrollment is more than 10,000.It has 968 staffs,580 teachers(178 professors and associate professors).The library has collected over 8400,00 copies of various books and campus network has linked with China Education and Research Network(CERNET).

In recent years,it bears over 279 scientific research projects.Also it has published 56 textbooks and monographs.More than 20 deputy county magistrates of technology have offered technical services.And over 5,000 teachers and students have been sent to provide technical consulting services and agricultural extension.Meanwhile,it has strengthened the interchange and cooperation with the colleges and universities at home and aboard in many fields such as scientific research,teachers training,academic exchanges.

The University has made an effective combination of research with the training of personnel with high level skill as demanded by Xinjiang modernization,trained over 20,000 students.With their profound professional knowledge and practical ability,our graduates have become the mainstay of South―Xinjiang’s economical development.The employment proportion of our graduates has kept continuously in the first three places fo 6 years.In 2003,2005 it reached the first place in Xinjiang.

Now facing the opportunity provided with the university by the strategy of western development,Tarim University is to deepen the teaching reform,to improve its teaching quality,to emphasize scientific research and thus to make more remarkable contribution to the development of economy and society in Xinjiang.Tarim University moves,with confidence,into the twenty―first century!

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