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About Yangtze University
Yangtze University is an amalgamation of former Jianghan Petroleum University, Hubei Agricultural University, Jingzhou Normal University and Hubei Medical Staff College upon the approval of the Ministry of Education of P.R. China April 2003. Yangtze University, under the administration of Hubei Government and the support of the Central government, is the largest higher institution affiliated to Hubei Government.
Yangtze University is located in the famous ancient historic city of Jingzhou , which lies in the central area of the beautiful and rich Jianghan Plain along the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. Jingzhou is in the temperate zone of the earth with continental climate. The weather is mild and wet with distinct four seasons. Spring is warm and windy; summer is hot and rainy; autumn is cool and sunny; winter is cold and snowy almost every year. The annual average temperature degree is around 16.5 ??. In whole, the weather is quite pleasant all the year.
Having peaceful, picturesque campuses dotted with relaxing and scenic spaces, Yangtze University is an ideal place for higher learning and scientific research.
The university offers courses for 80 Bachelor#s degree programs and 27 diploma programs covering 10 disciplines, including economics, law, education, literature, history, science, technology, agronomy, medicine and administration. It also has 3 PH.D programs and 46 Master#s degree programs. It has 14 provincial or ministry level key subjects. It is prestigious in the fields of petroleum science and technology, wetland agriculture and management, and Chu culture study.

The university has a professional teaching and searching faculty of about 1800, among which, there are over 225 professors, 564 associate professors and over 851 having obtained their Doctor#s or Master#s degree. It has 8 specially appointed professors from the Chutian Scholar Project, 59 experts endowed with special grants from the State Council or the provincial government, 99 provincial or ministry level Trans-century Subject-Leading Scholars. A good number of academicians from Academy of Sciences China have been invited as part-time professors.

The university campuses cover 3338 mu with a total structure area of 1086,000 square meters. It has a student body of over 35,000, over 1745 of which are postgraduates. It has modernized teaching buildings, laboratory buildings, gyms, sports fields and swimming pools. It has 88 laboratories and laboratory complexes, among which 8 are provincial or ministry level key laboratories, 14 provincial level disciplines, 1 national engineering research center, 2 provincial level humanity research stations and 3 key experimental labs supported by the Central government and Hubei Province. The university library boasts a collection of 2394,000 books, over 3000 foreign and domestic journals and various digital databases and network resources. The university now has two large affiliated hospitals.
In recent years, the university has sent hundreds of staff members abroad for further studies, carrying out research projects, or other purposes and has invited over 100 famous foreign and domestic scholars as guest professors. It has also established friendly cooperative relations with tertiary institutions from 30 countries or districts. It has sent students to countries such as the UK and Singapore and itself offers programs for foreign students.
Yangtze University has inherited and shall build upon the past glories of its predecessors and is sure to integrate the essence and good traditions of its four forebears. Yangtze University , named after the mother river of the Chinese people, while facing challenges as well as new development opportunities, will take advantage of the grand momentum of the Yangtze River and rich cultural background of the Yangtze River Culture and rapidly emerge as a leading higher education institution in China.
About History
In April, 2003, upon the approval of the Education Ministry of the People#s Republic of China , Yangtze University , a new tertiary institution, was established upon the merger of the former Jianghan Petroleum Institute, Hubei Agricultural College , Jingzhou Teacher#s College and Hubei Provincial Vocational Medical College . Its history can trace back to 1930s.

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