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T&T Foreign language school

Southwestern China | Guizhou



Founded in March of 2001, T&T Foreign language school is located in the city of Guiyang, Guizhou province, in Southcentral China. Our school has been recognized and acclaimed as an example of excellence in the English teaching industry.

Our excellent faculty and managerial staff provide an outstanding learning environment to over 7000 registered students (divided among nearly 200 classes). The school group consists of five parts, being; the main school, a kindergarten, two branch schools and TEEC (TT Elite Education Center). Each location is well equipped with a variety of essential and inovative facilities, as well as an efficent management system. Over our many years of scholastic experience we have come to hold the following beleifs - Be modest as we learn, be earnest as we teach.

T&T is a private English training group, functioning primarily outside of government school hours. Most of our students spend 2 hours a week studying in our school and receive the rest of their education in the public schools. Our classes are scheduled mainly on weekday evenings (Wednesday through Friday, from 19:00 - 21:00) and weekends (Saturday and Sunday, from 08:00 to 21:00).

We have been able to establish a detailed E-database of all our students, which allows us to keep in close contact with the student#s parents, as well as monitor their progress. And thoughout the entire training process we constantly check the students attendence, their test results and the teachers teaching process. The statistics are then analyzed, which ensures a consistant and steady improvemnet of the students over all linguistic abilities; listening, speaking, writing and reading.

The teaching materials we ultilize include New Concept English and Oxford English, as well as textbooks written and designed by our research teams specifically to meet our students needs.

We sincerely believe that enjoyable after-class activities are crucial in motivating student intrest and essential in nurturing their personal growth. Our students have won prizes in a number of local, regional and national English competitions. We delightfully consider these honours to be our most valuable rewards.


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