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Zibo No.1 Middle School, Shandong

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Brilliant history - Bright future

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Zibo No.1 Middle School, Shandong, located in Boshan District, Zibo, Shandong Province, established in 1924, occupies 12.2 square kilometres. Currently it has a faculty and staff of more than 400 with more than 100 classes and a total of more than 6,000  students. In its history of less than a century, it has formed the unique culture of striving hard, reforming bravely, aiming for and achieving excellence, whilst accumulating a rich experience in schooling. 

The school has trained 45,000 students since its foundation. They have been making their own contributions to the development of the great nation in different areas, demonstrating the profile and teaching quality of Zibo No.1 Middle School. For a long time, particularly after the implementation of China#s reform and open-door policy, it has preserved its socialist schooling direction, literally carrying out Communist Party#s educational guidelines whilst adhering to both tradition and advantages gained from the modern world.

After steady and rapid development it has gained outstanding achievement and been the recipient of many awards including; Leading school in Shandong for moral education, Educationally advanced school of faculty, Instruction in morals leading school, Leading accountancy unit of Shandong, Enviromently green school of Shandong, etc.. Since 1986 the school has continuously earned the #honour# of The advanced grassroot Communist Party award.The school faculty insists on allegiance to established guidelines. These are to unite different views, encourage cooperation in student education, to popularize the spirit of school and internalize moral values.

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This is the great force which inspires the management and teacher teams.Under the scientific theory#s guidance, Zibo No.1 Middle School gradually constituted a scientific management system,the core of which is target management, process management, democratic management, institution management and comprehensive education quality management. The school consistently developes internal management, institutes reform and maintains its high calibre of culture. #Layer and surface method# is used successfully in teaching history, as is #Three-dimensional teaching method in Chinese.

It stays with comprehensive education theory and creates a positive atmosphere for training students in every aspect of life.The quality of teaching has always been at the top of middle schools in Zibo City. The ratio of students, who passed the university entrance exam, is high. Local residents praise the school for #strict teaching, high standard of learning, congenial atmosphere and excellent character cultivation#. They say it is truly a noteworthy school.Arriving at the new millenium with new hope for even greater achievement, the school#s curriculum will deliver even higher education. #Let the world come into the school yard and the school yard join the world# has already come true, courtesy of the Internet.

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