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Heilongjiang Modern Foreign Language Training Center

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To Conquer English with Passion, to Change Life through English Brief introduction of MFL

Approved by the former Education Committee of Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Modern Foreign Language Training Center, the former HeilongjiangForeignLanguagesSchool, was established in 1997. In 2004, For years, we have been set our goals at “making the students progress, making their parents satisfied, making the society admit.” As we adopt a new idea of “man as principal”, and a new managerial system and running mode, our center have got our own characteristics in school running, which has won praise from students, parents and the society.

Our motto is: Management serves staff, staff serves students and students serve society.

Capable and Professional Teaching Staff

As we have abundance of educational resources and talented people in Harbin, Our full-time and part-time teachers mainly come from the famous universities such as Harbin Institute of Technology, HarbinEngineeringUniversity, Forestry University of North-East China, Heilongjiang University etc... All the full-time foreign teachers of the Center are experienced in teaching with the Certificate of TESOL and TESL.

Definitive Training Aims

The center sticks to the school-running idea of “seeking quality from management, credit from quality, development from reputation.” According to the market demand, we build the comprehensive platform of learning foreign languages, to create an easy atmosphere, and, we do our every effort to cultivate and train practical talents of foreign languages, who, with broader knowledge, strong ability, good at communication, capable in innovation, at different levels and diversification, suit the need of economic and social development in the 21 century.

New management Mode

The leading body of the school consists of experts with rich experience in school management. They absorb modern educational idea and teaching experience from both home and abroad to promulgate school rules and regulations, to construct our teaching team, and do well other jobs as management, working styles. In the mean time, we lay stress on “No minor business in our center, everything relating to education” requiring the working staffs start from minor things as answering telephone calls, using polite words and etc. to create a good camp culture, thus, to form a good working order in the center, linking up every business together to guarantee smooth operation in teaching and learning.

Unique School Operating Mode

We pay more attention to the role sentiment factor played in teaching and adopt teaching methods as “mutual communication”, “case study”, “situation”, “implication” and so on. At the same time, we try every means to create new modes in school running by the way of foreign languages salon, foreign teachers’ forum, study of foreign teaching materials, carrying on activities together with foreign students.


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