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Daqing No 1 Secondary School

Northeastern China | Heilongjiang



Daqing is the largest oilfield in China,which is located in Northeast China, famous for its oil industry and as a fast developing modern beautiful city. It has about 2,3 million living a rich life in the city. It is the sister city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

Founded in 1961, Daqing No. 1 Secondary School is a provincial key and an exemplary school in Heilongjiang province. Consisting of the Senior High Department, the Junior High Department, the Foreign Language School and three primary schools, the school has around of students is around 12,000 , with a total of 969 staff.

Situated at 284 Shengli Road, Ranghulu District, the school covers an area of 264,000 square meters, with a building area of 106,000 square meters. The classrooms are well equipped with an array of modern technology. The school has its own sports stadium, gymnasium, conference rooms and theater. It is set in beautiful surroundings and has been recognized as Asia’s NO.1 school by foreign visitors.

The ForeignlanguageSchool, affiliated to Daqing No. 1 Secondary School, was set up in 1998 endeavoring to create and improve its own characteristic way of teaching English. We are making efforts to run The Foreign Language School jointly with BeijingForeignStudiesUniversity to make it even more influential, not only provincially, but nationally in carrying out the 9-year compulsory education system. Recently we have been able to place over one hundred students in foreign universities or institutes, with whom we have close connections. Our foreign English teachers come from the USA, Canada, Britain, and Australia. Some of the foreign teachers feel reluctant to return home or travel on. The working environment is a very friendly one, with a good feeling of well-being. The school offers free well furnished suites, including fridge, television, air-conditioning, telephone, and a computer with broadband internet connection.

As we face a new impetus of education development with a view to the needs of the future, Daqing No.1 Secondary school is recruiting more qualified and dedicated foreign English teachers to join us and cooperate with our team, to help us develop and create a better tomorrow for our students, the school, and everyone involved in our aims.


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