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Guiyang Qihang English Training School

Southwestern China | Guizhou



Qihang School is a private English Training School located in downtown Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou Province in southwest China. Our school has 6 foreign teachers right now which is the biggest group of foreign teachers in Guiyang.
 Right now, we have an enrollment of over 4,000 students in 178 classes with 58 Chinese teachers, 6 foreign teachers and 11 office assistants and have waiting lists to get in. We are the biggest English training school in Guiyang with foreign teachers. The foreign teachers are provided with their own apartments near the school complete with air conditioners, internet accessible computers(wide band service is being applied ) and other necessities. All of the foreign teachers teach a ready-made curriculum with the teaching program already outlined and all the supporting materials: flash cards, tapes, VCDs all ready for use and make developing the lesson plans very easy. Pay starts at 60 yuan / hour.
 We focus on teaching young children from 5 to 16 years old who come to learn in their spare time --- this means most of our courses take place on the weekends and weekday evenings, each foreign teacher also teaches a few hours at primary schools in the daytime of weekdays --- this year we started our teaching program at two local primary schools as our teaching system has already been admitted and accepted in Guiyang .
Guiyang is a really nice city. If you#ve never seen wild monkeys, a mountain park in downtown is famous for finding them begging for food by the road! There are many scenic places nearby to visit, such as a small ancient town with old buildings and traditions, a waterfall in rural area or just an ethnic minority village. The weather is mild. Come to join us --- Qihang School in Guiyang, you won#t be disappointed with your teaching career here.


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