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Zunyi Aerospace (HangTian) School

Southwestern China | Guizhou


Zunyi Aerospace School is an enterprise-run school attached to Jiangnan Aerospace Industrial Corporation, China Science-Industry Group. It is a Model School in Guizhou Province and it is famous for its intelligent and diligent students. Every year we have about 50% students enrolled in key universities and some in Tsinghua and Beijing University. It is composed of a primary school, a junior school, a senior school and a secondary vocational school. It is situated in the center of beautiful historical city--- Zunyi. Zunyi is a green city with a mountain and a river run across the city and the suburb is wonderful with different styles of views. The counties in Zunyi are famous for different aspects. 

For Example, we have the hometown of National wine---Maotai Town; the hometown of bamboo and Suoluo tree (the only tree living from Dinosaur Ages)---Cishui City (you can see some wonderful waterfalls there as well); the town which has the largest vast virgin forest in Guizhou (Kuankuoshui) and the second longest Karst Caves in the world (Shuanghe Cave)---Suiyang . Zunyi is also a city near the world-famous Huangguoshu Waterfall and Congqing City . Come here ,you can also enjoy the culture of minorities.
 Now our school has enrolled 6300 students among whom 2130 are primary school pupils,3300 junior and senior students in 57classes, 800 secondary vocational students majoring in 8 subjects .The school covers an area of 160 Mu with teaching and complementary buildings of 100.000M2. All teaching facilities are available and advanced. The teaching staff amount to more than 420 people of which 320 are teachers. The teachers who have middle and veteran ranks make up over 85% of the total. On the way to achievements, the school has carried out the Party#s education policy overall, explored education reform actively, deepened quality education, paid close attention to educational quality and administered everything rigorously.
Based on the accomplishments of the teaching schemes stipulated by the nation, the primary school has held experimental classes to enhance students# qualities in an all-round way. English, computer, fine arts, popular science, and more than 40 kinds of activities are introduced. The first rate education along with the first surroundings for teaching and learning has made the school a bright view in educational field of Guizhou.
The annually average rate of students enrollment from this school into universities reaches 95.8%, being the best ones in Guizhou Province. The students who took part in competitions at different levels and in competence contests have gained remarkable scores. Zunyi Aerospace Middle School is the first key school attached to the general Aerospace Corporation, a school entitled "Advanced One by Assessment" in the city. It is also a model school in the province. The school has cooperation in teaching English with Foreign Language College of Southwest Normal University. The psychological Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences has taken it as its experimental center for self-learning textbooks. Approved by Propaganda Department, Civilization Office and Education Bureau in China in 2002, the school has assumed the task to establish a "senior class with Great Ambitions Aided by western Talents Program".
 Since the founding of the school, it has created the first-rate education quality with" first-rate teachers, first-rate facilities, first management and first surroundings" in North Guizhou. Zunyi Aerospace School will still follow the road as usual to deepen educational reform, continue to explore and keep pace with the times so as to create newer glories and make greater contributions to the cause of Flourishing the Country by" Advocating Science and Education."




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