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Jiaozuo University

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Jiaozuo University is a comprehensive and general university, ratified by the national Education Department, and has the qualification to enroll high-level students. Jiaozuo University is located in Jiaozuo, a famous tourism city. The campus is fragrant with flowers and green with grass, and it has convenient traffic. It#s a perfect university for the numerous students.


Electricity and Electrical Engineering Department, Computer and Information Engineering Department, Construction Engineering, Chemistry and Environment Engineering Department, Management Department, Chinese Department, Arts Department, Foreign language Department, P.E Education Department, Law and Politics Department, Adult Education Department.

Scales and the staff:

After over 20 years development, Jiaozuo University has large scale. Jiaozuo University now covers a total area of 1005 acres, including constructed area of 160,000 m2. There are about 6500 normal students and 6000 adult students .It has a well-educated faculty and staff, among the 461 teachers, 124 of them are professors, 194 having middle professional title. There have been built a 24,000 m2 teaching building, lab building, modern electrical classroom, language lab, dance training room, internet system, multimedia teaching equipments and a standard sports-ground. The library contains over 360,000 volumes, and 624 kinds of issues. It has electrical reading room for about 1000 students reading together. The campus has both modern and normal apartments for students to choose.

Teaching Quality and Work Direction:

During these years, Jiaozuo University pays much attention to the teaching quality, being strict with the teaching management, and deepens the reform, then form good atmosphere among teachers and students. Teachers are diligent in their working, and the students study hard. Our university also pays attention to train students#comprehensive qualities, and do our best to make them be useful when they graduate. Guided by government#s policies, our graduates, adopted by the "double orientation", face the countrywide area to find job. We arrange special organization to go to the developed areas, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong and so on to help our students find jobs. Since its establishment, we have over 20,000 graduates, and they are extensively welcome by the employers. It has made outstanding contributions to the economic construction of both the Nation and of the Henan province, as well as to the development of society.

Scholarship and Study loans:

In order to encourage excellent students to sign up our Jiaozuo University at first wish, we set up "scholarship for excellent freshmen". That is to say, the first ten freshmen who has signed up Jiaozuo University at first wish will be free of charge for the first year. To encourage the students work hard when they stay in the college and develop in every aspects, such as study, morals, intelligence, physique, esthetics, we set up "scholarship for the excellent students". The specialized students can take part in the test to achieve baccalaureate that is stated by Education Department. The students whose family conditions are difficult can apply for loans to help them. To the most difficult students, our university has grant-in-aid for them, or they can work in our college and earn some money to improve their study and living conditions, and finish their study successfully.



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