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Chongqing ShiZhu Middle School

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ShiZhu Middle School is located in the south of ShiZhu urban area, which was founded in 1910.and titled a provincial-level key middle school in 1982 by the former Sichuan Provincial Government. In 1999, it was named municipality-level key middle school, municipality-level civilized unit, municipality-level model school for electronic education, municipality-level model school for application of computers, municipality-level sanitary unit, municipality-level experimental base for educational research, municipality-level model school for civility and ceremonial, municipality-level advanced unit with excellent and high-quality educational facilities and municipality-level model trade union. In 2002 it was named municipality-level green school. With the great support of our government, we are taking vigorous action to turn it into a national experimental school equipped with modern educational technology as well as a national senior model school.

Our school covers an area of 7,2184 square meters, with a rational layout of its teaching section, sports section, living section and social practice base. It really deserves the title of "Garden School". Boasting a myriad of green trees, grasslands and gardens, it is an ideal place for living and pursuing academic study. So far, another more beautiful and advanced campus has more or less been completed under the leadership of the local government and education committee. It has an area of 140,000 square meters with an investment of about ¥83 million RMB. The newly-built campus can hold 7,500 high school students for all the 3 senior grades. When it comes into use this September, it will surely be among the first-class top middle schools in Chongqing City and even in China.
  Our school possesses first-class educational facilities: 3 computer rooms, 1 electronic reading room, 2 language labs and 2 multifunctional classrooms. Our library boasts storage of 300,000 books. All our offices have been equipped with computers connected with the Internet. A campus computer network has also been established with its own website. The video recording and clipping equipment as well as other teaching facilities can be called first-class.
  Currently, there are 67 classes, over 4000 students, more than 300 teaching and working staff in our school. Among the teachers, 12 have been graded as teacher of a special classification, 50 as senior teachers and 90 intermediate teachers. Our school has been attaching great importance to creating a good environment and atmosphere so that excellent talents can stand out. In recent years, 16 persons have been commended as national excellent teachers and 34 as provincial-level or municipality-level excellent teachers. In the provincial or municipality-level teaching skill competitions our teachers have got the first-class or second-class prizes ten times. In the teaching skill competitions held in the former Qianjiang District. our school teachers have carried away the 28 first-class prizes. 249 academic essays by our teachers have been adopted by provincial-level and national-level newspapers and magazines.
  Our school has been laying stress on implementing educational guideline of advancing quality education. Our school enjoys scientific and democratic management, a sound system and a rational mechanism. Our school has adopted a "four one" management mechanism, that is, every cadre should be in charge of one aspect of the school affairs, one grade, one teaching research group and one teaching subject. School matters are made public in an all-around way. The teachers and workers' congress are always given full play in participation in and commenting on school affairs .The " five atmosphere" are given due attention, that is, we always spare no efforts to insure a good atmosphere of obeying school rules and regulations among classes, of loving study among the students, of loving teaching among the teachers, of being honest in all the examinations and of loving school and cherishing the opportunity provided by it. A monthly assessment of class performance system is being adopted. The concept of "respecting the teachers and caring about the students" has been implanted in the minds of both the teachers and the students. Environment protection education is also being carried on among the teachers and the students. We have been implementing a strategy of revitalizing school through science and research and have undertaken 5 academic research projects consecutively. We have been paying great attention to the roles of the teachers with special skills or knowledge. Various colorful extra-curricular activities are encouraged. A large number of students are taking an active part in them and the result proves to be successful. Since 1985, an information technology course has been offered in an all-around way. We have launched deeply computer auxiliary teaching. We have realized increasingly the importance of English language, thus we are taking various measures to sharpen the teaching of English. We have also strengthened our efforts to popularize mandarin among the teachers and the students. Education and teaching quality has been improved in a steady manner. The students' quality has been improved in an all-around way. The number of students enrolled into colleges has been breaking previous records in the past consecutive years. Since the readoption of college entrance examination mechanism, 4886 talented students have been enrolled into colleges, including 870 ones who have entered the top universities such Peking University and tsinghua University. Shizhu middle school is a key model school enjoying a good fame.
  At present our school is deepening quality education to cultivate high-quality talents who know how to study, how to survive and how to develop themselves. We are making our great efforts to make it a national top school. A new school is under construction and it will be completed in august of this year. Upon the completion of the new school, the total enrollment of our school is to reach 9,000. We will never stop struggling for cultivating more talents and advancing our local education career.

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