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Luohe Medical College

Southern & Central | Henan


             Luohe Medical College was founded in 1957.It is located in Luohe city,Henan province,which is surrounded by ShaRiver & LiRiver with a charming scenery.The school surrounding is quiet and beautiful and looks like a garden. It covers an area of three hundred and ten thousand kilometer ,with the teaching building area 177,100 square metres and the gross fixed assets is 20400,000 RMB. It also has 4 language labs ,multi media teaching system.The long distance educational network connected to the network educational College of Science & Technology Institution of Central China. The school also has well equipped auditorium,sportfield ,student aparment buildings ,dining hall etc. Great revenue has been put into our school to improve teaching and experimental facilities. There is two teaching building, two basic laboratary building, two clinical experimental zones, 76 basic and clinical lads.There are 232 clinical instruments and each of them worth more than 10,000RMB, and the equipments for teaching and scientific research worth 14,150,000RMB. It has large modern library with 360,000 volumes of books,336 kinds of periodicals, 1,300 kinds of electronic periodicals, electronic reading room and a Video-documentery Room. There are 600 computers connected to the internet.We have three affiliated Hospitals equipped with modern facilities and the hospitals have multiple functions with good and specialized doctors .

The total number of teachers and other staff is 963, Among them there are 80 postgraduates,113 with intermediate―level technical certificates and 109 with high-level technical certificates. In recent years ,teachers who worked as chief editors or joint editorsin our school have complied 80 kinds of teaching materials and works, more than 300 papers written by our teachers were published in CN periodcials .

There are about 7,000students in the school now .There are 4 faculties for the diploma courses and 4 faculties for “A Bridge Course of Five Years for Junior School Studentes”.It has designed patterns of running schools of multiple standards and structure while developing 9 majors and special faculties for 3 years training courses for junior students.The school cooperated with Science& Technology University of Central China to set up clinical medicine courses ,Senior nursing courses and Courses leading to bachelor degrees .The graduates are mainly distributed to work as medical personnels in South part of Henan and in Shanghai,Hebei,Shanxi,Zhejiang, Jiangsuprovinces etc.Some graduates were employed by some large hospitals in Beijing,Guangzhou ,Shenzhen ect.

In order to adapt to the trend of nursing staff’s internationalization after the accession to the WTO of China, tomeet the dometic andinternational ecnomic society to the export-oriented demand for attending to the talents, in 2002, the school set up the first nursing staff’s international training center with China Association for International Exchange of Personnel in the country, and is jointly approved as Nurses Going Abroad Training Center of Henan Bureau by Henan Educational Bureau, Henan Foreign Affairs and Overseas Bureau and Henan Foreign Experts Bureau. Up to now, more than 50 students have gone to work in Britain, Singapore, U.A.E.K.S.A. etc.

Up till now,the school has been awarded one of the National Key Secondary & Professional Model School of Henan Province,the only Countryside Doctor Training Base &Nurses Going Abroad Training Centre of Henan Province ,Civilized Unit of Henan province ,Sanitation Model Unit of Henan Province &GardenUnit of Luohe City .

Luohe city is in the central part of HenanProvince with LinyingCounty, WuyangCounty,Yancheng District ,ShaolingDistrict and Yuanhui District under its jurisdiction , It covers an area of 2,617square kilometers with a population of 2.5million. It#s the key hub of communications. Beijing―Guangzhou Railway, Beijing―Zhuhai Expressway and No.107state highway pass through the city. Luohe―Fujian Railway connects with Beijing―Jiulong Railway and Beijing―Shanghai Railway , Luohe―Zhoukou Expressway and Luohe―Pingdingshan Expressway.The railway and highway formed “double cross” structure of communications .The transportation is very convenient. ShaRiver and Li River meet right in the city .

Luohe is a city with long history and profound cultural background. Luohe was built in the Northern Wei Dynasty and deveopled in Ming and Qing Dynasty .It was once famous for its economic trade and convenient transportation and was named “water and load port”,commonly known as the “gathering Basins “.The Xiaoshangqiao Bridge in Linying county was built in Sui Dynasty,even twenty years older than the Zhaozhou Stone Arch Bridge , is regarded as the frist bridge in the world .The tomb of Yang Zaixing is quite near and it’s one of the tourist attractions .

 Luohe is also the home of Xushen ,who was a great writer and philoligst ,his work <> which is made up of paleography,confucianism and gloss,has become the most importantfoundation for researchon the study of chinese characters and book editing . And what&rsquo;s more ,the Jiahu relice ,Fancheng stone tabletes ,San Jue temple ,Qi Huangong old site and campain site of the National hero Yufei are famous .These countless splendid historical and cultural relics make Luohe city the pearl of Henan set in the Sha Li Bank more shining and brilliant.


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