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Hubei Normal University

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    Hubei Normal University (HBNU) is a multi-discipline comprehensive higher education institution directly under the Educational Administration of Hubei Province. 

The university campus, covering an area of 1.3 square kilometers, lies on the shore of the Greenhill Lake. The buildings, with a total floor space of 380,000 square meters, are cradled in the Fupen Hills. HBNU has fixed assets of 400 million Yuan (RMB), and the total value of teaching instruments amounts to 51 million. The library is 12,270 square meters in area with a collection of 760,000 books. The fully equipped teaching and researching facilities include computer center, network center, multi-functional lecture hall, and computerized teaching lab.

Covering learning divisions of languages, history, economics, law, education, science and engineering, HBNU has 2 secondary institutes (Institute of Further Education and Institute of Humanities and Science) and 15 departments, which consist of 30 specialties for undergraduate course and 14 for 3-year course. HBNU has formed a complete system of academic disciplines. There are more than 10,000 students of all levels, of whom over 8,100 are regular full-time undergraduates. HBNU holds a principle that full-time undergraduate education is the principal part, while postgraduate education, and three-year course education shall be developed vigorously, and has developed a structure with a satisfactory variety of pedagogical specialties and non-pedagogical specialties which can meet the demands of social and economical development.

HBNU has 527 teachers on the regular payroll, of whom 65 are professors, 211 associated professors, 75 with Doctor#s degree, 150 Master#s degree.30 professors work part-time as Doctor tutors or Master tutors for Huazhong Normal University and Hubei University. The general state of teaching staff presents a feature of high academic degree, with high professional titles and of young age. Further more, there#re 7 recipients of special subsidies from the State Council, 5 recipients of special subsidies from Hubei Province, 4 owners of the title of the Most Contributive Young or Middle Aged Expert awarded by the Government of Hubei Province and 1 Specially Engaged Professor by Chutian Scholar Program. Another 7 teachers are conferred the title of Academic Leader in Subject Teaching and Research, 8 have been recognized as Core Academic Researchers at provincial level, 5 are selected as New Century Highlights and 7 recipients of grants from Zeng Xianzi Educational Foundation. Additionally, HBNU invites scholars from abroad to work in the university while sending its younger ones abroad for further training annually.

In recent years, HBNU has presided or participated nearly 600 research projects including those supported by the National Science Foundation, the sorting out and appraisal of state ?Cpreserved ancient document and those subsidized by the Educational Department of Hubei Province.120 academic monographs, 156 textbooks and 2,700 treatises have been published, of which 679 were published in authority/core journals and 98 were indexed by the major international indexing systems of Science Citation Index(SCI) and Engineering Index(EI). More than 10 research appraisals have been accomplished and the ministerial and the provincial authorities have awarded 9.

About FLD

FLD was established only one year after the establishment of HBNU in 1974. It has developed from and institute of only one class of 14 students and a teaching staff of 12 into one of the top 3 departments in HBNU, with more than 1,100 students and 50 teachers and assisting staff. A variety of courses have been undertaken: Intensive English, Extensive Reading, Writing, Listening, Oral English, Grammar, Linguistics, Translation, A Brief Survey of Great Britain and USA, English Testing, Advanced English, Japanese, Business English and so on. For years, we have had corporations with teachers or experts from various English-speaking countries. Here we would like to extend our sincere expectations to develop corporation with partners.

A Brief Introduction to Huangshi

Located in the East of Hubei Province, Huangshi sits valiantly in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. It has jurisdiction over Daye and Yangxin, with an area of more than 4,600 square kilometers and a population of nearly 3,000,000. The history of 3,000 years has been pregnant with generations of civilization. Here you can see site of China#s earliest ancient mine, integrated ancient buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasty and the blazing prairie fire of the red political power. Also the locus of Chinese Modern Times# Industrialization appears distinctly. Thus Huangshi enjoys the good reputations of the ancient bronze capital, the cradle of Chinese iron and steel industry, hometown of cement and the new city of clothing.

Huangshi is very convenient in transportation. A trunk line joins Huangshi to the national railway network. An inter-province expressway through Huangshi leads to Shanghai in the east and Chengdu in the west. Yangtze River, a golden waterway, provides Huangshi with shipping benefits. The neighboring Wuhan International Airport acts as an air-bridge between Huanghsi and many cities home and abroad.

Huangshi has beautiful natural scenery within the boundaries chains of mountains rolling, lakes embellishing and both of the hills and water alternating with each other. Huangjing Mountain lies in the south of city proper. The densely wooded Dongfang Mountain and Xisai Mountain are the famous mountains of Buddhism of eastern Hubei Province. 800 hectares# Cihu Lake inlays in the urban, with broad waters, rippling blue waves, the sky and waters merging into an organic whole and myriad of amorous feelings. The mountains and the water are grand, magical and graceful here. The harmony of nature and urban delineates the beautiful scenery of hills and water of “suitableness of wearing heavy or light make up”.


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