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Anyang Normal University

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Anyang Normal University is located in Anyang,one of the eight ancient capitals in China. It is also the native place of Yin Ruins, one of the World Cultural Heritages, and the birthplace of the Red Flag Canal, a famous man-made canal in China. Anyang Normal University originated from Zhang De Normal School in 1908, and has a history of over 100 years.

The university covers an area of 109.13 hectares (the planned area is 155.8 hectares) with a floor space of 600,000 square meters. There are 96 laboratories of various kinds with advanced experiment equipments and complete facilities, the total value of which is more than 70 million yuan. The university library houses 1.35 million books.

There are 1,230 teaching staff in the university, including 890 full-time teachers, of whom 59 are professors, 252 are associate professors, 390 teachers have Master’s or PhD degrees. The university is divided into three campuses: over 15,000 students on the main campus, over 4,300 in Humanity and Management School, and over 10, 000 in Adult Education College.

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The university is a comprehensive university with 8 branches of learning, such as liberal arts, science, law, engineering, history, education and administration management. There are twelve faculties, seven departments, two teaching sections, one teaching center, and one independent college in the university, offering 51 specialties for undergraduates. The university boasts 20 research institutes such as Anyang Medical and Chemical Engineering Technology Research Center, Shang Dynasty Culture Research Center. There are Three academic publications, Yindu Academic Periodical, Anyang Normal University Journal and Anyang Normal University News. Among them, Yindu Academic Periodical is a Journal of the Shang Dynasty Culture Research Association of China.

The university has established academic cooperation with more than 20 universities home and abroad and it also undertakes a national program of popularizing Chinese language. Many famous Chinese and foreign scholars and experts are frequently invited to the university, among whom 96 are part-time professors. In addition, the university recruits more than 10 foreign teachers every year.

For years the university has been focused on the quality of teaching and great achievements have been made as a result. According to the Report of Comprehensive Assessment of Chinese Universities published in China Youth Daily, our university ranks the 147th among 487 universities in China. It is one of the 123 fastest developing universities in China in the year of 2007.

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