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Henan Polytechnic University (HNPU) is located in the newly developing industrial city of Jiaozuo at the southern foot of Taihang Mountain and to the north bank of Yellow River. Jiaozuo is now a state-level tourist city with beautiful scenery as well as convenient transportation and communication linking up all parts of China. The former of HNPU is Jiaozuo Coal Mining School established by the British syndicate Co. Ltd. in 1909. It is not only the first mining university in the Chinese history, but also the earliest high education institute in Henan Province. Since then, HNPU has changed its names several times in the course of development, namely Fuzhong Coal Mining School in 1915, Fuzhong Coal Mining Special School in 1919, Fuzhong Coal Mining University in 1921, Jiaozuo Private Institute of Technology in 1931, North-west Institute of Technology in 1938, Jiozuo National Institute of Technology 1949, Jiaozuo Mining Institute in 1958 and Jiaozuo Institute of Technology in1995. The university resumed its name of Henan Polytechnic University in 2004 approved by the ministry of education.

Currently HNPU occupies two campuses, the new one is in the south part of the city and the other is in the city center. HNPU is now a multi-subject university offering mainly Engineering programs as well as a combination of Science, liberal arts, management, economics and law programs, and the university possesses the qualification for awarding the certifications of doctorate degree, master degree and bachelor degree. There are 15 institutes and departments, 7 key programs at provincial-level, 1 key laboratory for opening up and a training center for safety at state-level and nearly 15 thousand students, including postgraduates and undergraduates. The teaching staffs of the university are all well qualified. The academicians, Yangzi River scholars, well-known foreign experts, specially engaged professors and the tutors for Doctors have laid a solid foundation for the university#s academic activities. The annual outlay for scientific and researches exceed 30000000yuan(RMB). Under such a nice condition, HNPU has taken charge and fulfilled 973 projects, of which includes some National Natural Science funds, scientific and technology key projects and a number of National sic-tech Progress Prize projects.

HNPU attaches great importance to developing international academic exchange and cooperation. At present it has established relationship with more than ten universities in Japan, Korea, Australia, France, Argentina, Russia, England, Poland, etc by sending visiting scholars, exchange students, joint venture of education and academic cooperation. In the year 2002, our university successfully held an international academic meeting in Mining Science and Safety Technology. This symbolizes that the international academic exchange in our university has entered a new stage.



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