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Puyang Vocational and Technical College

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  Puyang Vocational and TechnicalCollege is an ordinary full-time three-year college, ratified by the government of HenanProvince, and put on the record of the Ministry of Education. It is located in the famous city of Puyang, which has been awarded titles of honor such as “State Hygiene City”, “State Garden City”, “State Cultured and Civilized City”, “National Outstanding Tourist City”, and “State Historically and Culturally Famous City”. The college is surrounded by three beautiful parks: PushangPark, GreenManorPark and Botanical Garden.

The college has a total area of 1165 mu(Chinese acre). The total floor space is 260,000 square metres. It provides an excellent and quiet environment for teachers and students with spacious and bright classroom buildings, well-equipped teaching facilities, comfortable students dormitory buildings, high-standard stadium and gymnasium, and an evergreen campus with flowers and plants everywhere. The nine-storey college library has a floor space of 22,000 square metres, containing 400,000 books and 800,000 electronic books and a huge reading-room with one hundred computers in it.

The modern teaching technology is applied in the college. In order to meet each specialized teaching needs, the college has constructed its digital campus network, two-way closed-circuit teaching system, language labs, multimedia classrooms, computer centers, etc. Several big enterprises of Henan province, such as Zhongyuan Chemical Fertilizer Factory and Zhongyuan Ethylene Factory, established good cooperation relations with the college by offering training centers for the graduates.

As for the teaching staff, there are 489 full-time teachers in the college, of which 189 have senior teaching titles. There are 11 departments in all, including humanities, foreign language, mathematics and information engineering, physics and electronic engineering, business management, architectural engineering, politics and history, physical education, petroleum chemistry and environment, biological engineering and agricultural economics, arts and decorating engineering. More than 10,000 students are now studying in the college.

The Foreign Language Department is the biggest department of the college with 5 specialities, including English education, business English, applicative English, tourist English and 5-year English education. There are 51 full-time teachers and ten of them have senior titles. Both teachers and 1,700 FLD students are looking forward to your coming and will be ready to give a warm welcome to you.


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