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Southwest University of Science and Technology

Southwestern China | Sichuan


University Overview

Southwest University of Science and Technology (SWUST) is located in Mianyang City ---- the science and technology city of China, about 100 km away from Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province, P. R. China. SWUST has a large, beautiful campus. The campus covers an area of 4000 mu (about 260 hectares). It is not only beautiful with green hills, clean rivers and luxuriant vegetation and but also equipped with advanced teaching facilitates. There is a wide-band multi-media campus network, which connected with Internet. The student dorm has an access of telephone, Internet and TV. There are over 900,000 copies of books and over 10,000 electronic books in the library. The studying and living facilities are all ready on the campus.

SWUST consists of 20 faculties: Engineering, Science, Economics, Law, Arts, Agriculture and Management. There are 52 undergraduate programs and 19 postgraduate programs. There are over 29,000 full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students, and 10,000 adult students. The total number of emplo

yee is more than 2,000, including 1500 teachers and 19 academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Over 800 teachers have acquired the senior professional post, about 50% teachers has their doctor’s degrees or master’s degrees. The university also has a stable and high-level part-time teaching staff from the China Academy of Engineering Physics, China Air Dynamics Research and Development Center and Sichuan Changhong Electronics Group Corporation and other cooperative institutions.

As a large, dynamic and diverse university of the 21st century, SWUST offers a wide range of programs at the Bachelor and Master levels, exchange or visiting student programs, and flexible Chinese Language Training programs at different levels are also available for international students.

SWUST is the right choice to start a successful career. Your time at SWUST will be an exciting, rewarding, and memorable life experience.

About our City

Mianyang is a vibrant, enthusiastic, beautiful scientific research center with an urban population of 600,000 that enjoys one of the fastest-growing economies in west China. Mianyang has a long history, lovely scenery and long cultural origin. It not only has the fairy land of Jiuzhaigou Valley, but also has the so-called “living fossil” giant panda living in the Wolong Nature Preserve Park. Sanxingdui Ruins, Leshan Giant Buddha, Mt. Emei and Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, all listed as World Nature & Culture Heritage, are also only a few hours away. In addition, several minorities live in Mianyang region such as the Tibetan and Qiang people. Their colorful traditions and cultures draw a lot of friends from home and abroad each year.


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