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Wuhan University of Science and Technology Zhongnan Branch

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Under the direction of Wuhan University of Science and Technology. Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Zhongnan Branch, located in 18# Jiangxia Avenue East Lake development zone of technology with the total area of 1200 Mu and 16000 students, is a full time regular university oriented to enroll students all over the country.

A garden-like university with its campus running along the lake and at the foot of mountains has been built up with the investment of over 300 million RMB. The 28 well equipped European style buildings, including Administration building, Teaching, building, College buildings, Laboratories, Computer center, Library, Academic exchange building, Student’s dormitories, Teacher’s apartments, and Cafeteria.

Aiming at making some breakthrough in social science with information technology as leading force and life science as direction, the university has eight colleges, including Information engineering college, Life science college, Law and Literature College, Business college, Urban construction college, Foreign language college, Art college and Training College. In order to meet the needs of society and market, the university offers 12 four-year majors, such as: Computer science and technology, Electronic information engineering, International economics and trade, Marketing, English, Law, Human resource management, Engineering management, Bioengineering, Environmental engineering, Musicology, Art design and 12 three-year specialties of securities and stocks, secretary and public relations, Business English, advertisement writing and design, computer art design, music teaching, mechanical and electrical integration, computer application, architectural decoration, industry and civil engineering, management of engineering budget, advanced nursing, etc.

The teaching, schooling, management and logistics work around students-centered management and the schooling aims of “ All for the students, all for improving teaching and all for developing the university, with Setting ambitions, working hard, exploring and seeking truth from the facts” as motto, the university aims at cultivating the students with one specialty, two basic skills (computer running and English), three special skill (Putonghua, good handwriting and writing) and four basic qualities. By practicing the education of “quality foe success”, the university is drawing strongly upon the advanced teaching and schooling experience and carrying us a thorough reform so as to rank among the first-class universities in our country. The broad international exchange and cooperation result in exploring the new school management, which adds to the development of the university.

The development of Wuhan university, of Science & Technology Zhongnan Branch attracts the officials at various revels, the officials concerned inspected our university in succession and spoke highly of the management and the pace of development.

Since 2002, more than 30 foreign teachers has been live and taught here. They are from America, Canada, Australia, British, and so on. We are warmly welcome friends from all over the world!

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